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I'm back!

I graduated back in June, and I managed to keep running, until I hurt my leg. I stopped, and didn't run at all over the holidays.

I decided to stop making excuses and actually get out there and do it! I was quite nervous, having not run for about 7 Weeks.

I thought that my normal route is about 3 miles, so if I walk, that is ok, if I walk and run some that is even better. I set my iPod for 15 minutes and found I had to walk for a few steps after about 5 minutes. I managed the 15 minutes and started walking. After a few moments I thought to myself, why am I walking-I could still run, so I ran another 5 minutes!

All in all, I did much better than I expected!


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Well done. It must be difficult getting back into things but you've made that first step. Now all you've got to do is keep going!


Thanks! I think I need to keep the right mindset- any running is good! The speed and stamina will soon pick up :-)

I love your user name, it makes me think of a football playing elephant!


Congrats on getting back into running - it's hard after a break isn't it but I bet this has given you the motivation to keep going. Well done :D


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