I'm Back

Well, after the fall and trip to A&E, I descended into the bottom of several wine bottles and shoveled anything I could get my hands on into my mouth. The only thing I didn't do from my pre-couch life was smoke. The painkillers prescribed by the fit doctor had warned of addiction (now we all know, I have an addictive personality....wine, food, fags,) and also an adverse effect on my motions, so by Thursday last week, I'd ditched them. Once they were out of my system, the pain wasn't too bad, just a niggle in my rib really.

I have never been depressed before in my life, but a combination of work issues, son messing about at school so not performing in his GCSE's, (e-mails from frustrated teachers on a daily basis), elderly ill parents, a family holiday for 12 trying to please all ages in Florida to plan and no running has had me not sleeping and getting more stressed by the day. I was reading all the posts on here but too fed up to post.

So I tried a light jog on Saturday, (No pressure, can stop as soon as I like etc), I managed 4K in 30 minutes so was well pleased and a little rib ache but nothing serious. Still not sleeping, so today, I cycled to work and ran home, I managed 5.2K in 34 minutes so a personal best, check me out!!! The new Jacuzzi bath in the newly fitted bathroom is finally operational and absolutely awesome, so I'm tired, relaxed and hopeful of a full nights sleep. Who knew I would miss exercise? Wish me luck.


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20 Replies

  • Hey FTT, great to hear your back running: you have a lot on your plate at the moment: so glad sanity saving running is back on the agenda - with a PB! Get you!

  • Thanks lemon. Hopefully I'll feel OK in the morning, as I need to get my bike home from work

  • Aw bless you! At least you are on the mend, and came back with a PB! Amazing! We are all allowed to let things get on top of us from time to time, but the difference is you came back :) well done, you should be super proud! :)

  • Thank you Jen. Onward and upward is my new motto

  • Great to see to back again. Such determination. 5.2 km in 34 mins that is fanatsic. Hope things just keep getting better for you, happy running.

  • Thank you RFC. I'm still smiling

  • Inspirational! I'm keeping my fingers crossed you sleep well tonight! :)

  • Thanks LF. I hope I sleep well also, my husband is making me watch some random football drama, so by rights I should nod off any minute now

  • Go you !

  • Thank you AJ. Was proud of my time

  • Great to hear you are back on your feet. Well done you!

  • Thanks Ully, and even better news, my rib pain was no worse this morning

  • Well done , really pleased for you . Bet it was great to get back out there . I'm missing the running so know what you mean . Hope all keeps going well & good luck with the rest of your runs .

  • keep going with the physio, hula hooping etc you'll soon be back out there with us, Rockette. I'm watching out for that celebratory post

  • Oh FTT, isn't it hard to pencil in some time for you when everything is so on top of you?! Anyway,well done for managing it and glad that you're a lot more confortable. And what about these running times? Look pretty decent to me!!!! :)

  • Cheers Flossie, in actual fact, on reflection, the run home from work is actually my best opportunity to fit it in. Sometimes it can take longer than my PB in my car or on public transport. So I shall do it again tomorrow

  • Look at how well you've run after that break. That jacuzzi sounds lovely. Well done for getting out there.

  • Tiny,you're right, it was a good run and yes the jacuzzi is fab. Thank you

  • Jacuzzi! That's worth running hard runs when you have that to dive into at the end. Wooohoo! I want one. LOL

    Happy running. Yeeehaaa!

  • Miss W. Yes the Jacuzzi is awesome, however one member of the family or another seems to be permanently in it! I'm just worried about the water bill when it's time to read the meter lol! hopefully the novelty will wear off and they'll all go back to showers!!!!

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