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I only went and did it!!

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On week 9 of the programme and yesterday I ran 5k in 39 minutes. I was a complete non runner 9 weeks ago so much so if you looked in the dictionary it would have my name against it. I'm so proud! I am also 3 stone overweight - have lost 2 stone since January too.

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Well done! And in this heat too πŸŒžπŸŒžπŸ‘

Yeah went at 6.30am but was still harder than it usually is - so hot!

Great run Troubleatmill 😊 Running 5k is a huge acheivement, no matter how many mins it takes. Well done. Was that Wk9 R3?

It was week 9, run 2 but felt ready and able so went for it! Run 3 normal 30 mins pencilled in for Tuesday as need to complete it for myself

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Of course you do πŸ˜„..

Enjoy your Graduation run..

'Normal' 30 mins...see what you did there πŸ˜‰. Spoken like a true runner.

Don't forget the fist pump and whoop...

Haha! Omg I'm a runner? Still can't get my head round it. Brilliant app! I will most definitely be pumping and whooping!

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Should add that 39mins is pretty darn good.πŸ˜†..

Yes I was well chuffed as it's never been about the speed for me


Well done!


Fabulous news. Well done!!

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