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Week one done :-) yey

Got out for my 3rd run tonight (2nd attempt after epic fail Sunday) went pretty well this time. My calves were still a little tight so I took it fairly steady but still managed a reasonable pace. My left calve is still not right but my right one is ok.

I didn't get stich today and my recovery time is getting loads better :-)

I did some good stretches when I got in which is helping my calve but need to keep an eye on it

Has anyone got any recommendations of good you tube videos of stretches? I've tried doing stretches described on running sites but find videos better so I know I'm doing it right

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Well done on completing the first week .i too found it hard at the start but dont dispair. recovery will improve and the pain should lessen. Persevere with it for now and it will get better.


Well done for completing the first week. As far as the stretching goes, have you had a look at the Strength and Flex plan also run by the NHS?


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