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Oh my Lordy lordy AGAIN

Erm...where to start. Suppose the beginning might be good. I graduated C25K few days back and to be honest I chose to have a break before starting THIS 5K+

Oh boy...what a surprise...The warm up walk was ok approx 3.8km/h well my feet hit when laura counted so thats ok...I have 'in my head markers' of distance and do the math when i get back..........AND THEN she warned of an increase to so many beats per minute..WHAT??? hang on that sounds almost Steve, the SixMillion Dollar Man, Austin speed to me and i dont mean the slow mo with the wanga wanga wanga noise in the background!!!

Ok lets go says Laura and keep the beat...BLOODY HELL!!!! I dont wanna die just yet....but strangely my feet kept the beat.....approx 5.5km/ be honest my eyes were crossed and full of sweat droplets so give or take on that guess...and they kept doing it. My mind was screaming in stunned silence ..NO mantra today just pound pound pound...THIS SOUNDS AWEFUL BUT IT GETS BETTER..10 mins and we took it up another notch....WELL i say we...Laura ran off and left me....I could not do the extra notch so dropped back to 5.5 approx and met her back at the house....I DID the time just not the speed...AND I FELT GREAT....I know i WILL do it...just not today.

Graduates of C25K .... Remember what I've said..THINK OF YOUR REASON for doing this madness and have a go...

I'm going for a hot soak...catch you next time...PHEW!!!!

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Which 5K+ podcast was this? Stamina, Speed or Stepping Stones? And are you sure about your speed? According to my calculations, the slow 150 bpm equates to running a 10 min kilometre which is 6kph.


Swanscot you've just made me feel better. I did the Stepping Stones podcast today - abject failure/learning lesson as I had to walk part of it - BUT my 150bpm equated to running a km in under 7 mins which is fastest I've ever run a km. ..and sonicsplodge Laura ran off and left me after 10 minutes as well. Glad it wasn't just me!


I will catch the Biattch next time ....I HOPE!!!


Oh right Swanscot...bugger that means MY MATHS is poo and my mental markers are WAY off...oh its the Stamina one i did...Back to drawing board...BUT my feet kept the beat so thats good...until Laura ran off that


Here's a table showing the link between bpm and mins/km (or change it to mins/km):


I meant "...change it to mins/mile"


I'm just back from doing the Stamina podcast and it is hard.

I had Runkeeper working on my iphone so I can see the pace for what I did.

I ran at 158bpm for 10 mins and 160bpm for 30 mins (I didn't go up to 165 as I wanted to keep going for 6.5km as my plan). Runkeeper shows I did an average of 6.33 mins/km, so it is pretty fast.

You can see from the 'trace' that my pace was up and down all over the place, depending on the gradient, but that's ok. I found it useful to try to keep the same bpm and adjust my stride length to suit the gradient.

I'll try this podcast again when I'm doing a 35 mins run and see how I get one. I


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