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Week 7 Run 1 - 5.01 k - Whats going on????

6 short weeks ago I was that "Reluctant Husband" who had been encouraged by my wife to do this couch25k thing! I had never seen the point in running just for the sake of things: indoor footie or out on a bike now that was worthwhile. Then before you know it I was enjoying running, and dare I say it have been bitten by the bug, so when I was doing my first week 7 run and was feeling good I decided to go that little bit further to do 5.01 k and managed it in 28 mins and 23 sec!!!

I'm not sure this a good thing, will I be able to get out of bed tomorrow? I feel fine at the moment and can actually hold a conversation after 5 mins!

It just shows you that this programme does work. I am 50 and probably a bit over weight but have been impressed how the structure keeps pushing you on just that little bit further, until today that is!

I'll see how I feel during my next run but would like to keep doing this distance until the end of the 9 weeks then work towards a 10k or is that just a bit ambitious?

I hope I don't sound like I'm boasting but I'm really chuffed with myself. Go on just get out there and do it!!!!!

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Well done, Reluctanthusband - what a result! Who'd have thought it just a few weeks ago!


That is really impressive, Reluctanthusband! Well done, great distance and time. C25k helps us achieve amazing things, that we would never have thought possible. Let us know how the rest of the programme goes - yiu'll be graduating in no time.


Well done RH, I do so envy you guys with long legs. But thats a seriously good time for your first ever 5K. Take things steady though you don't want injury to spoil your achievements. I love your positivity too, your looking ahead to graduation and then onwards to 10K, brilliant :) Now would you have believed all that was in your future 2 months ago ;)


Well done on your progress, reluctanthusband. You're certainly making strides (and huge, big ones at that!) with the programme

I don't think it is too ambitious to go straight onto a 10K programme. It you continue as now, you'll have completed9 5K runs by the time you finish and you'll find many 10K training programmes that build on that base.


Well done, I managed about 3.7K on W7R1 this evening.


That's great - go for it. Why not? There are no rules - do what you enjoy, it means you'll be a good example.


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