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Well I did it. I wanted to get back on track after work commitments disrupted my programme. And it worked out pretty well with my best stats yet, even if it seemed a harder run than 1&2. Not having a rest day is not something to make a regular feature of so I am re-planning the next two weeks to fit in with all the other things going on. Hope that week 5 can get off to good start tomorrow. I am more optimistic than before I started week 4 but wish me luck all the same. Three lots of five minutes is less in total but it does push it into a smaller space. More from me tomorrow!

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I wouldn't like to try two runs without a rest I think I'm already on the edge of recovery with the day in between, well done on achieving the two runs back to back.

I'm on the same run as you starting week 5 tomorrow. For me it'll be an early one since I have meetings in London first thing so the running will have to be even earlier.

I agree that the first of the set sounds within reach but the other two I suspect will be a stretch.


Well done!! Starting w4 tonight, but v sore knees so hoping I can do it! You're doing proud!


Good luck Maggymay. I'm with you, as did week 4 run 1 on Monday. I got to the park-20 minute drive away-only to discover that when I recharged my ipod on Sunday evening week 3 got deleted, so had a choice get on with week 4 or go home and come back again. I did the former, and it was ok, though as Laura said harder than if I'd completed wek 3.

Like chewy I'd not try two runs without a rest, as need time for muscles to recover and get rid of lactic acid build up.


I did w5r1 last night and it was better than I expected. But you are quite right about taking at least a day's rest between runs. That's why I'm getting the runs back on track with the programme. Thanks for the support.


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