Mother starting C25K with baby today!!!

Hello fellow C25Kers! I'm a mom of a 16 month old. I've never been a runner or followed a workout routine. Last year when my baby was 5 months old I was in better shape than today, so after taking with a close friend and graduate of this program I determined this is my time. I downloaded the app and I'm determined to begin today! I have a jogging stroller my girlfriend gave me so my little one and I are off to our day 1 of week 1! I will report how it goes later. I welcome feedback, words of wisdom and encouragement from graduates, beginners and other moms who did the program with their little ones. Best to all!

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  • No personal experience but a friend who was a distance runner often used to push her wee one on her runs into town from home - about 10 miles!

  • You're a glutton for punishment that's for sure, still it sounds as if you've got youth on your side so I hope you and your little one have great fun doing the programme!

  • Good for you and welcome aboard c25k :) I'm sure your little one will enjoy just as much, if not more, than you will :) Good luck and looking forward to hearing about your run.

  • Well done you, you and babe are going to love it, make sure you report back !

  • all the very best...if you are on Instagram, I follow someone called, happymumhappybub and she posts about running with a buggy..... Enjoy :)

  • Wow, what a great enterprise. Hope you really enjoy it. Don't forget to stretch out after your runs to help with the stiffness. Go momma! And keep us posted with your progress.

  • Welcome to the community. Pretty impressive commitment indeed to jog with your 16 month old. When mine were that old it was all I could do to stop myself nodding off in my morning cornflakes!. Very best of luck and no free-wheel riding it on the downhills :-)

  • Good luck to you. I recently drove past a lady out running with a buggy and a dog on a lead. I nearly went back just to cheer her on.

  • A young lady near me walks two Staffies, has a baby in a sling on her front and a couple in the pushchair. She is feckin awesome!!!! She always seems to be an oasis of calm and the dogs seem impeccable.

    I did a 10 k training programme put together by a young lady who famously blogs and has written a book about overweight runners for Kindle books. She too runs with a buggy and writes about that too. Her name is Julie Creffield! She has on her blog, a section for mums on the run sessions


  • Good luck...this is a great programme and jogging/walking with a baby in a stroller will give you more exercise. Just make sure to take the rest days in between. I made the mistake of not doing it the first time I did this program and to be quite frank, I was quite knackered. You need those days to rest your muscles.

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