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Week 2

Between W1 and W2 I headed to Sydney for work. I took my gym gear but it never left my suitcase. It was quite a gruelling trip, but I know that's just an excuse really. I could have fit in going to the gym if id add the effort, however I tend to prioritise sleeping over almost everything else hen I'm away. I don't do these trips very often, so I'll endeavour to get out and about in my running gear at least once a trip.

I had another 5 days off when I got home. W2R1 I got up at dawn and was running along a country road as the sun came up. I'm just disappointed I didn't have my camera.

W2R1 I planned o do the warm up walk via the bottle bank. I had the bottles in my hand as I was locking the door and some beer dribbled down me so I set off smelling like id ad a heavy night the night before! I've since thought that this might have worked in my favour, gaining sympathy from other runners who might presume I'm hungover, or they might be impressed I'd dragged myself out of bed so ealy after a heavy night!

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