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5 minutes!!! noooo - Yessss!!! W4R1 I did it! you can too!!!

Hi all,

just thought I would share my W4R1 with you. I never listen to the new weeks podcast until I am walking out the door so never know what is going to happen... had a chat with hubby and he said he thought it would be a 5 min run, I thought maybe 4 so when Laura said 2x 5 mins I thought nooooo wayyy... but I did it and it was great! so any doubters - you can do it too ;) can't wait to do W4R2 now, want to go today, but have to hold till tomorrow for days rest...


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Its good to know that others can do it. I've just done W3R1 today and worried all last night that I wouldn't manage 3 mins (which, of course I managed fine)

Good luck for W4R2 - Keep it up :-)


Me too :D well done for us!


Just done mine too. Wasn't "easy", but was doable. Yay. Almost halfway through now. Go us! :D


Well done you. Keep it up and good luck


Well done Sachelle, its great isnt it? I was worried about the 5 mins too but it proved fine and I could have gone out again after my morning W4R1 yesterday I felt that good about it! Here's to R2....


Thanks all, doing my W4R2 tonight :) Good luck with all yours!

SBG356 I could have gone out too, hope I keep enjoying it! :)

Hezzabelle thanks for pointing out nearly half way - hadn't even entered my head! :)


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