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End of wk1

Well thats wk1 over. I've been on the treadmill twice and then yesterday decided to head out to the park. OMG - it is very hard to run outside! much easier on the treatdmill. So next time I run on the treadmill the incline is going to be raised, otherwise I don't think I'll benefit from it. I need to push myself if I'm going to be able to do 5k out doors. My legs are killing me, but I like it :)

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Congratulations on making it through week 1. I Stayed on the treadmill during the first 3 weeks but then switched to the outside. The treadmill was nice so I could regulate my pace, but now all I do is run outside unless it is raining or bad weather. The biggest reason I now run outside is that as the runs get longer, I need to not be so caught up in keeping a pace as much as making the time. When I am not obsessing over the speed control of the treadmill I am much better off. I just finished W5R3 so you can do it too.


Yes, I think that whenever I can I will try to do this programme outside and then use the treadmill to fill in the days when I just want to have an gentler run and build my fitness and stamina. Been out today to the park and done w2r1. Was hard but easier, if that makes sense, so maybe I'm noticing the difference already. It's just those hills I don't like lol.

Thanks for the comments.


Hills, Grrrrr. Hills are my weakness. I run down a rail trail. Once upon a time, there where train tracks where the trail now exists. Because trains needed gentle elevation changes there are no real hills. Sounds like you are doing great!


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