Having doubts!

Have put of bloggng for a while as had nothng postive to say!!!! I still don't but need to get this off my chest!!

I think I need a huge kick up the bum! Over the last few weeks I have been really struggling and feel like my running (or attempts at) has regressed. Starting to question whether running is really for me. Yesterday topped it off wHen i did our new park run and had to walk chunks of it... My time was a whole 2 mins slower than normal :(

To try and put things back in perspective have been rereading some of my previous blogs and I can see I do swing from highs to lows quite regularly. I just need that high back for one run at least!!! It just worries me that I won't be able to do the 10k in October... Well I will do it as I am no quitter but whether I can do myself justice is something else!!!!

that's enough of me feeling sorry for myself!! Going to watch the end of the great north run to try and get some inspiration back!


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20 Replies

  • Ok, sending my (dainty but powerful) size 4.5 in the direction of your derriere!

    How about downloading a training plan from runnersworld website for your 10k? That's what saved me from my post graduate "phaffing about"!

    Another thing might be to join a running club of some kind? I never ever thought this would be something I would do or recommend as I love my solo runs with my dog but my sister persuaded me to join a group that meets just down the road from me every Monday to do speed work and to my amazement I have great fun there.

    Am watching the GNR myself, brilliant!

  • Thanks! I joined a runnng club back in May and am still going along once a week. Whilst I love the company and encourgagement the last few weeks have been tough...have been constantly at the back and struggling to catch up. However, whilst looking for inspiration this morning I've been reviewing the stats of my garmin and we are going a little further each week at a faster pace...has cheered me up a little! Also, when I did the test event at our new park run (a few months ago) I was a fair bit slower than yesterday. So perhaps not as bad as I think!!

  • Hope you get inspired by the GNR AliB, there's plenty of inspiration there for sure (did you see the guy with the fridge on his back???). Sounds like a good idea to read through your posts and remember you've come through ups & downs before. Best of luck for your 10k, hope you'll feel more positive soon - the best thing of all is that you haven't given up and you're not a quitter, that's something to be very proud of. :-)

  • thanks notbad!

  • When I have bouts of lack of confidence, I would suggest leaving the watch, iPhone, gadgets or whatever it is that is making you doubt yourself and put some tracks on you enjoy running to and ignore your times for a while. Running actually isn't usually a race, it's a lifestyle choice which keeps you fit, healthy and remember there are others that are starting the programme that are aiming to be where you are. Keep the mental strength and the times will be back up there! Good luck

  • Thanks. Am starting to feel more positive helped by my GP telling me my blood pressure is good! (i struggle with this and know that exercise and losing a bit of weight helps so all postiives of the programme even if not running very far / fast lol)

  • Hi Ali you've answered your own problem, its all in your head!! No problems thankfully in your body its still whole and hearty. Soooooo, get out there and do some fun runs. Short mad bursts, favourite routes just take some of the pressure off yourself and stop worry about performance times and distances for a little while. Just get back to enjoying your running and then everything else will fall back into its right place. You will be more than ready for your 10K in October and you will do well too. Sending you a big hug cos a kick might do damage to my foot and I need 2 good ones for this running lark ;)

  • Thanks for the hug!

  • I feel for you Ali, it's tough when you're on a low,(I know because my summer has been one disappointment after the other) but you WILL come out of it and feel positive again..I think you're too tough on yourself. I think you're doing brilliantly, you're running with a club every week, doing a park run...but this isn't gentle running, but pushing yourself to the limit on each run and it's bound to feel a struggle, painful even!

    You've come so far and don't forget it!

  • Thanks Theresa. Everything seems to be nearly back in perspective now...think it was just a very big wobble!!!

  • Thanks everyone! I will snap out of it but it's great knowing I have the support of my fellow runners...wouldn't be here with you all! :)

    Off to give myself a stern talking to in advance of my next run on Tuesday (with the club). x

  • How much running are you doing each week? Is your mileage increasing every week or roughly the same? I've read that it's good to increase your mileage for 3 weeks and then on the fourth week decrease it by about a third (I think - anyway it should be a lot less). This gives your body time to rest whilst still maintaining your regular runs. Just a thought, don't know if this helps you or not......

  • I am doing roughly the same...will give this some thought as i like the thought of an easy week!

  • Phew, looks like that sorted itself out.....no more doubting Ali, you are running further and faster each week 8-)

    How cool is that?

  • I think so! Just need to keep remembering it's only myself i need to compare myself against (as a colleague reminded me today) and not how well everyone else is doing!

  • Go, AliB1! Go and run for fun! Anything, anywhere - you don't need a kick up the backside, you just need lots of support, which you are getting on here, and you can do it!

  • Thanks! and thats why I love this site so much

  • I like Nickyrunning's ideas - just getting out and running. It can help you remember why you do it even if having various goals is usually a motivator.

  • You are doing great Ali! You belong to a running club! You are doing Park runs! You are running further and faster!

    Can you remember how you got out from the last low period? Come on Ali, you can do it!

  • I think it was just a big kick up the bum and then one good run....I can do it! I will do it! I will keep repeating that mantra and am sure tomorrow will be ok

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