week 9 day 2 - er, nope

So the bad news is that I had to give up 15 minutes into the run. The good news is I have a chance to strengthen my 'don't quit' muscles ;-).

It just wasn't happening - my iPhone battery died so I had no music, I turned Laura off to preserve battery life, it was really hot out and I started off *sprinting*. Numptyness all around really.

I had to stop for a 20 second breather after 5 minutes and then again at 15 minutes, the bottom of my legs were burning (shin splints I think), my lungs had fallen out a few minutes before and you know that fuzzy/tingly head you get when you over-exert yourself in the heat - yep, check.

All in all, I thought I was going to do some damage if I carried on so called it quits.

I haven't given up though! This is the first time I have had to abort mid-run (I had a delay due to illness a few weeks back), and it was quite humbling, which is good for my 'reality check'.

Now I need to decide whether to try again this evening so I can graduate on Friday or delay until tomorrow/Friday...

I am pleasantly surprised at how 'unbothered' I am at 'failing' this run - usually this sort of thing can knock me down/sour the whole experience, but hey, giving up really isn't an option now (it really _is_ addictive isn't it :-)).

I think I will try again this evening if I feel up to it as this weekend is a birthday party I share with a few relatives and graduating this program was my present to myself (and cue the wife: "as opposed to the garmin watch, the running shorts, trainers, t-shirt, apps").


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18 Replies

  • I am _really_ concerned with the NHS's predictive algorithms considering the tags they thought were appropriate!

  • Yes those tags are a bit off the mark! 

    Running is addictive isn't it! Glad you haven't been put off by one not-so-great run. 

  • Really laughing out loud at those!  I am sure your next one will be fine, especially as you had legit reasons for the difficulty this time.

  • I think they're the best I've seen! Love your attitude. Don't think it matters too much when you do the runs, it is still graduating round your birthday which is absolutely fantastic.

  • I totally sympathise, I also had a bad run this morning. Don't know where you are but it was really cold down south and blowing a hurley. Ran into the wind everywhere I went. Came back feeling exhausted and have missed the runners exhilaration all day. 

    Who are you kidding, you're going out tonight no matter what anyone says...........just take it easy you don't want an injury for the birthday weekend.

  • Sensible chap! Hooked or not..you did good, you walked away..in one piece. 

    So, try again... keep it steady. Fingers crossed for you x

  • 1 not so good run every now and then wil happen, take the rest days and then go again ☺

  • Ah, I'm so sorry (I think we put the mockers on it in another thread somehow...) but we did get a great post out of it.

    It did occur to me that you could maybe run tomorrow and Friday to make your plan come together... but actually, yeah, I can see running tonight. Tell your body the last outing didn't really count.

    Good luck!

  • Hi there,

    Sounds like you did the right thing.

    How fast are you running by the way?

    And tell me again of your post-graduation plan to run every day ;-) (joke)

    Seriously - get a few weeks of 3x 30mins under your belt ...


  • Oh the cheek :-). Sound advice John, as always - my last run was 4.9km including both walks.

  • :-)

    and excluding the walks?

  • I don't have the exact figures, but looking at google maps distance calculator it looks like the walks account for around 700m so roughly 4.2km

  • 4.2k in 30 mins is pretty good going for a big guy like yourself.  Just keep doing what you're doing for a few weeks and don't ignore those rest days - they're very important in these still early days.

  • YatesCo I've had practically the same experience today but on run 1 of week 9. I too am taking it in my stride which isn't like me either. It's the first run I've aborted also due to wanting to avoid doing myself some damage. It's good to know someone else is experiencing something similar. 

    Hopefully it's just a minor setback we'll get over.

    Enjoy your birthday! 😃

  • Bet the next run is great. I've found that and no idea why? 

  • How are you today Yatesy ? 

     Hope those shins aren't giving you any grief .

    Good Luck ! Its a bit of a warm 'un today ... :-) xxx

  • Thanks all for all the comments/suggestions/sympathy/cheek :-). My shins are OK today, except I just noticed that squatting down to fill the sump in my fish tank 'lighted them up' a bit, if you know what I mean.

    It is pretty warm but I can't do this evening due to Daddy Day Care duties so I will try around 3.00 if it cools down a bit...

  • Just to keep you all up-to-date - healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

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