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Topsey Turvey Run

What a strange run yesterday to complete W4R3. Started out REALLY badly, the 1st 3 mins turned out to be the hardest of the program so far! Everything ached and I just couldn't get going. It was during this 3 mins I discovered running (or gather attempting to run) is causing me to develop a split personality - my legs were screaming "NO stop, this is too hard, you can't do this" my heart was arguing "You know how much you want to do this" and my head shouting "You know you can do this, you've done it twice already so get your butt moving!" suffice to say my head won! But OMG the next 5 mins - how hard! And I got my 1st stitch but stumbled on through it. Then things started getting bizarre, the next 3 mins felt like it was a different day, it all came together, no stitch, no aching calfs and relatively easy...... So onto the last 5 min run ...... Not only was it surprising enjoyable but I felt really good at the end and ran an extra 90 mins. All very strange but result was week 4 completed - 2 days rest now Before embarking on Wk5.

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Well done for your perseverance! The more you run the more you realise that attitude/mental toughness is key!

From week 6 or so on I had awful trouble "getting going" for the first 10 mins of every run, and had to really work hard not to give up at that point. The more I read about it the more I realised it takes many people a while to warm up (mentally and physically) when starting a run.

It is only recently (6 months after graduating) that I realise that I no longer get this, I seem to be able to just get on with it now!


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