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W6R2 Success but endomondo fail!

Completed W6R2 last night on exactly the same route as before. Couldn't work out why endomondo told me I'd only run 1.14 miles when for the W5R3 on exactly the same route it told me I'd run 1.69 miles (forgot to turn it on for W6R1) and basically all the tracking sites say it's just over 2 miles (3 if I include my warm up and warm down walk) Anyway there must be a GPS fail somewhere along the route because when I look at the map section there's a whole part of my route missing - unless I did an enormous long jump or something! Does anyone else get this?

Feel really stupid now as there was me thinking I'd really slowed my pace for the full 20 minutes run and i hadn't slowed that much at all. Maybe I'll give the technology a miss for when I go out for W6R3 tomorrow! No more walking - eeeeek!

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I'm out to do wk6 r2 in a few mins time! It's only just registered with me that this is the last time I'll be walking - scary!!!

Well done you, hope I join you v soon :)


I've not used Endomondo, I use MapMyRun - maybe give that a go and see if you get a more complete result?


My endomondo frequently plays tricks on me - a few weeks ago I apparently ran 7.5K which included a trip right across a farmer's field - now, I KNEW I hadn't done that! On another route it takes me right off my path, each and every time I use it - adding another 2k at least on what I'd done, and it's always at the same spot. I've given up on it now.


I use runkeeper on android HTC Desire. So far no "giant leaps"


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