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Nervous before a run?

Hi, can I ask if anyone else gets nervous before a run? I always seem to get butterflies before I head out...once I'm running I'm fine but I've no idea why I get so nervous (I even have to pop to the loo sometimes...a few times on some occasions!) I really can't understand why...just wondering if there's anyone that feels the same before a run?

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I sometimes get a little apprehensive the day before a run. I suppose on that day I've thought about the run the previous day and am starting to think about improving the following day so the middle day is always when I think about it most.


I've been running for a year and still get nervous before a run! Mind, when your long run is up to 10 miles, it sort of comes with the territory...!!





Yes I do! Got the dreaded w5r3 on Friday - I have butterflies just thinking about it!

I remember back in week 2, run 2 dreading Laura cutting in and telling me my nice pleasant warm up walk is over and it's time for my first run! I have been mainly fine since, until I entered week 5!


At the beginning of the programme I did, no idea why though. When the longer runs started it stopped.


Thanks for all the replies guys...glad it's not just me :o) Even more nervous as I have my graduation run tonight and it's hoying it least it'll keep me cool! :o) I haven't really done much running in the rain but I'm sure it'll be fun!

Happy running :o)


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