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pre-run "nervous stomach"


So I'm a nurse. And I'm gonna get real here for a minute. What is with the pre-run bathroom trips? Does this ever ease up? I get super nervous when going for my run. Have even made it to the bike path and had to go home to go to the bathroom. Seriously? Anyone else?

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I have to take two bathroom visits.. one.. then shoes on and running belt etc.....and then visit two :) The routine before the run :)


I am the same as Oldfloss, two bathroom trips! That said I am fine on the run. If I am doing an event my pre run trips will go up lol.


I don’t think about it and can normally hold off til I come home. That said, I’m a nightmare at night. Go to the loo before bed, put the light off, get all comfy and cosy and think ‘ok that’s me sorted, and I’ve been to the loo’. As soon as I think of the word loo, I need to get up and go again 🚽 😂😂


sorry ive never experienced this on any of my runs...............but hey, im not a nurse :-)

nurseljhGraduate in reply to whistler22

the bladder is fine - just stress belly and having to stop warming up to go!!


I have an iron bladder, trained over many years of vile school toilets - and probably a fair bit of genetics aswell. I can control myself for ages - in fact I’m famous for it among our friends, as I detest public toilets. So luckily I just don’t have that problem. On the other hand I must have eaten something spicy yesterday because my morning run involved a fair bit of conscious cheek-control, which was rather unpleasant. I was very relieved to get home!


Not for me! I always need to go! In fact, I was talking to someone the other day and saying that the medical profession should do a study on where all the wee comes from, because I am very sure that I do not take in as much as I produce before I go for a run!

If you're talking about the gut, that's also a known problem, delicately referred to as GI issues. And yes, that's happened (once!) on a run as well :( Luckily I was on a country run and could hop over into a field :O


you're not the only one who gets nervous with those symptoms - there was another thread not long ago!


thanks everyone! I was trying to "sugar coat" it - but it's just as a stretch and warm up - and then stress belly. #2 attacks! HAHA I'll just plan accordingly! Today I'm off for a 15 min. run then 5 more. It'll be my first run over a full mile without stopping! I'm excited and nervous! Wish me (and my stomach) luck!

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