Week 3 - knee troubles

OK, after finishing treatment for breast cancer last year, I decided 3 weeks ago to register for Race for Life, even though I've done no real exercise for over a year. I've only done 3 weeks of the prog and I have to say I was really enjoying challenge and looking forward to each run - until this week that is. Both my knees are really painful and I'm going to have to take a few days out. I've never had bother with my knees before and I've been sticking to the local running track and treadmill at the gym for training. I'm really angry with myself cos I'm an all or nothing kinda gal and really wanted to run this 5K and not walk/jog it. I'm struggling with my conscience as quite a few of my friends/family/colleagues have sponsored me and already I feel I'm letting everyone down. I just don't know if I'm going to be fit enough for this. Arghhhhhhh!


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7 Replies

  • Don't you dare say you are letting anyone down!! I understand your frustration BUT you are not giving up just having a couple of days rest for your knees to recover. Your friends and family will think the world of you for taking part and trying. Rest and see how your knees are- my knees hurt up until week 4 then I started stretching more and touch wood they have been fine since. Please don't beat yourself up- look how far you have come - being poorly- signing up- following the plan etc. WELL DONE! X

  • Thanks justmole, I know I can still walk this and I know I've already come such a long way - just wish this pain in my knees would go. The first week it was my groin, the next week it was my hip but they've both cleared up. I'm just getting impatient cos I'm really enjoying running for the first time ever.

  • You are doing just fine and I'm sure your family and friends are very proud of what you have achieved so far, as you should be too. :-) Rest up for a few days and if you don't do stretches before and after jogging then maybe now is the time to start i understand what you mean about being impatient, but just look how far you have come already. When is the race for life?

  • Race for Life is only 3 weeks away, it was a bit of a late decision I know but I just didn't want to miss it this year. It's hopefully going to be the start of my new 'running career' so I'll be able to pace things better after. I usually do stretches after my run but have only been doing a brisk walk beforehand. Will need to check out some stretches for before I go out. X

  • Still time for you to rest your knees, just take it easy. :-) Best of luck with the race.

  • Do not think of it as a race that you need to win. You just need to finish it. Keep up the program and do not push yourself to hard or you will do unwanted damage to your knees and have to rest longer. Listen to your body and focus on your running and how you land on your feet.

    Do not give up you can do this. Believe in yourself. Sorry if I sound like I am preaching but I have been through (and still get) the knee pain.

    Good luck to you. :-) :-)

  • Hey Alcopop you're not preaching, I'm only too happy to have the feedback from anyone who's been here & already done it. I really appreciate the comments & have given myself a bit of a talking to. Cheers everyone. X

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