Fleetwood Half Marathon Tick

Fleetwood Half Marathon Tick

Well the lead up to my half marathon was eventful. I did a session with a couple of fast Ks in it about two weeks ago and I think I slightly injured myself by pulling one of my adductors in my right leg (who knew there was such a thing) anyway this worried me a bit, so I took a little rest and then pulled back on the training and did easy or recovery pace runs and I think this really helped along with the ibuprofen.

Anyway I went out for a run Friday and there was a slight niggle.

Anyway off this morning to Fleetwood for the HM with a little apprehension, but feeling that as long as the niggles kept in check then I should be ok. I planned to run a pace of between 5m30 and 5m40 per K which should result in a sub 2hour run and allow me to slow slightly if needed later in the race.

Lovely day, if not a tad warm and little windy on the home stretch and a very small niggle for the last couple of Ks

BUT OMG my Garmin says 1h55m31s, just waiting for official chip time, but definitely under 2hours :-) :-) :-)


Not bad for a couch potatoes that could only just run for a minute just over a year ago and graduated about a year ago, next stop the Marathon in April :-o

Enjoy your runs this long weekend :D

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48 Replies

  • Hey Phil - really well done and big CONGRATULATIONS- what a fantastic time. I too am running London Marathon - but have no ambitious sub anything - just happy to get round:-)

  • Thanks. totally agree with you, the aim for my first marathon is to finish. My marathon is in Manchester, didn't get to enter the ballot for London. Enjoy your training for London.

  • Amazing ... You must be so chuffed... I am in awe... Great pic and that's a very nice medal you have there... Now for the celebrations and planning the marathon!!!

  • Cheers, definitely chuffed. Truly shattered in the pic and already reading books on my marathon prep :-)

  • That is truly inspirational to a recent graduate. Thanks for telling us and congratulations

  • Thanks for that, I never thought I'd be doing this when I started the C25K

  • Awesome achievement - well done!

  • Thanks :-)

  • That's a great time and a great pic. Well done you; a good inspiration for the rest of us.

  • Cheers Ned, not long to your 10k race now

  • Well done Phil and such a great time too! Hope you're having a well earned celebratory tipple tonight!

  • Thanks, a little dehydrated tonight but will definitely be having a tipple tomorrow :-)

  • Such inspiration for me and the training for my half, though will not be doing a time like that! :)

  • Cheers, finishing and personal achievement that's what matters, the training is the best bit, enjoy

  • Great achievement Phil - well done and good luck with the marathon next year.

  • Thanks

  • How very inspiring, good luck with the Marathon in April :)

  • Thanks miso, if i can do this anyone can :-)

  • Brilliant work Phil! Great photo! WELL DONE (((DELIA)))

  • Thanks Delia, I can feel the hugs :-)

  • Congratulations, Phil. I'm pleased for you that the injury didn't scupper your plans after all your months of training. That's a fantastic time for a first HM and you deserve to be very chuffed with yourself. Have a celebratory hug (((Phil)))

  • Thanks for all the support along the way and thanks for the hug :-)

  • Oh Congratulations. I am full of admiration. You must be so chuffed. Linda

  • Thank you, I really am chuffed

  • Fantastic result Phil. Well done on your HM. Ambitious one going for the Manc Marathon next April. I am still working towards the Brentwood HM at the end of October and loving the running. Got another HM 'booked' (with a mate, not yet official) for April/ May in Plymouth. Best of luck. James

  • Cheers James, I do like the longer runs, as I think you're finding, hopefully I'll still be saying that next year. I bet Plymouth will be a nice HM

  • Well done Phil, a fantastic result! Bet you are still smiling.

    What plan are you going to follow for your marathon? Once I am back from hold at end September going to start training for my next HM in March so plenty of time and start early Marsthin training in case I get a place for London

  • Cheers, I really am still smiling. Reading a few books at the moment about training for a marathon, just finished Hal Higdon, which has definitely told me to train to finish not for a particular time.

  • Well done Phil, that's a great achievement and you are a superb advert for C25K!

  • Thanks, it really is an amazing programme.

  • Good for you,

    you have achieved a lot in such a short space of time.

  • Thanks, it has been a fast paced journey, just kinda got addicted to running :-)

  • I know I have already congratulated you Phil but hey, you soooo deserve another big CONGRATULATIONS and WELL DONE!!! ;)

    It's been amazing seeing your progress, the weight loss, the sheer determination and enjoyment along with your encouragment of others - lovin in all! Hope the Amaretto sour went down a treat too! :D

    Sue x

  • Cheers Sue, was a bit dehydrated on Sunday (had headache) so the Amaretto Sour had to wait til Monday, but still went down lovely :-)

  • Brilliant, congratulations, great time as well! :-) Your achievement might just have given me the kick up the backside needed to do the Hilton 10K on Saturday....not exactly been very consistent with my training again, but could do with a 10k training run before Wigan....

  • Thanks, I enjoyed my Beaverbrook 10K earlier in the year, the Hilton course is a little different but I've run this route in training before and it's a lovely run along the lower prom. Go for it, you'll enjoy :-) crowd is normally good as well.

  • Well, I've just entered it.... oops! The route doesn't look very exciting, so hopefully there be some spectators to break up the monotony! Then wigan the weekend after...

  • How exciting, the route may be simple, but you'll have the excitement of all the other runners. I'll look forward to reading about your race :-)

  • Eek! Scared! Not trained AGAIN - will I ever learn?! :-(

  • Hope you had a good race today. How did you get on?

  • Oh, I've only just seen this. WELL DONE! That's really impressive, Phil.

    All the best for the marathon training - goodness! :)

  • Thanks Di, I'm extremely chuffed :-)

  • I hardly ever log in here at the moment but well done Phil! A half marathon is well impressive. Good luck with the training - I look forward to seeing how it goes. :-)

  • Thanks, I'd stopped checking the site out after the upgrade! but I've been checking it more regular since it's been more stable.

  • A bit late to the party as I've been without my laptop for a week but wanted to add my congratulations Phil - that is amazing! Well done!! :-)

  • Thanks, never too late :-)

  • Just spotted this thanks to a post Delia made on another thread... Quite simply just WOW! Totally in awe of how far you have come since last year, best wishes for the big one next year, something tells me you'll do it in style! :-) :-) :-)

  • Thanks for that, just reading and trying to get rid of a little niggle before I start training for next year eek

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