First half marathon almost here - wish me luck!

Hi everyone,

I don't post often but catch up with all of you lovelies most days to keep me motivated and marvelling at our joint fabulousness. But I'm posting now because my first half marathon is approaching and I'm getting jittery/excited/v slightly nauseous and need some C25K positivity to get me through. Have done a 12 week training plan, cut short by 2.5 weeks in the middle cos I had a torn calf muscle, but I did my last long run a week and a half ago (12 miles) and have been tapering since (but still doing 4 runs a week). I've eaten my body weight in wholemeal pasta with a shoal's worth of tuna steaks and from tomorrow morning will be sipping water every half an hour timed with military precision. I did buy my giant jelly beans in prep for fuel but accidentally ate them all already (oops). I have lost the obligatory toenail (disgusting) and two others are black. I have the most attractive chafing in bizarre places. All in all it's been a blast...

The race is on Sunday at 8.30 and - this is the bit I'm most nervy about - has to be completed in 2.5 hours. Indications from training are that I will just about make it barring any loo queues, trips, slips or falls. The course is flat and almost all along the sea front so will be lovely and hopefully a tad breezy. Best of all, it's the inaugural half marathon in my hometown and I'll be able to walk to the start line. But possibly not home again at the end. Wish me luck C25Kers :-))




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22 Replies

  • Go Sedw, remember we are all behind you - awesome goal to do a half marathon

  • Thanks c4ts, that's lovely to hear, really. Happy running!

  • Oh good luck! Let us all know how you got on. We will cheering all the way

  • Thanks, I'll be thinking of everyone here on my way round and will let you know how it went when I wake up on about Thursday

  • Hello,

    We are pretty fabulous aren't we :D As a C25Ker who just graduated from B210K and is looking to slowly build up to a HM this is so inspiring! Despite you not having a full set of toenails and smelling like fish ;) I'm very impressed by and envious of your position.

    It's great to know you still come on here, for those of us who might want some advice about longer runs in the future. I wish you the very best of luck for Sunday and please come back and tell us all about it so we can run vicariously :)

    Emily x

  • Thanks Emily - have been reading about your B210K and well done on graduating that one too. You'll be doing a HM in no time, I'm amazed at how quickly I've got to this point despite injury, being overweight and over 40. Good luck with it (and the toenails)


  • Enjoy your first HM, Sedw. You sounds as if you're prepared very well, so go and enjoy it! :-)

  • Thanks Swanscot, I'll certainly try...

  • Good luck! I graduated in Nov 2012 and did my first (and so far only!) half in Sept 2013 and I loved it! I too was worried about the 2 and a half hour cut off, but did it in 2hr 15 mins. The 2 and a half hours is the amount of time they closed the roads for after that you could continue, but you had to dodge the traffic!

    All the very best. You have done the training, you know you can do the distance so just go for it! We are all behind you. Enjoy the day and let us know how you get on!


  • Thanks Chris, that's very encouraging to hear! 2.15 would be fab and possibly do-able if I don't need to stop for the loo :-). I'll let you know how it goes,



  • Two and a half hours is roughly 7 minutes per km. if the course is nice and flat and you've done the prep, then I reckon you'll have great time and come home schedule.

    This distance is a challenge for sure. Nice and steady is definitely the way to go. All the very best!

  • Thanks Rob (and your Westie). Yeah, nice and steady should do it I hope I can still pace myself properly with all the runners around but I am determined to finish it no matter what. I'm also hoping the weather forecast is as it says - cloudy and a bit of rain. I find it so much harder in the heat.




  • Good luck, sounds like you have done the prep and you will nail it no probs! I will look out for your post run post... Always looking for tips... Got my first HM in October...cheers

  • Thanks Burghfield, I will try to include some useful info. Hope your training is going well...

  • Very best of luck sedw , HM is an amazing achievement. Go for it ,

  • Thankyou!

  • Good luck! What an amazing thing to do! You have put in all the hard work and nervous are only to be expected :) I am sure you will be completed well within 2.5 hours and if not be careful of traffic :) enjoy your first of many HM :)

  • I have visions of all the cats in town running after you down the prom!

    Make sure to apply a smear of Vaseline to anywhere that might chafe! That's my only tip.

    Have a great time!

  • Yup, that could well happen! The vaseline tip is a fab one, I used it for the first time last week in the worst hit places and it definitely helped. Hopefully I will have a great time - it can only go one of two ways and this running is fast turning me into the optimist I never was before :-)


  • Good Luck. A half-marathon in 2.5 hours. Impressive. I graduated in 2012 and did quite a few 10k's last year. Training for the GNR Half right now first half and my objective is to cross the finish line !! Nice to read about your progress and just go out there come Sunday and enjoy.

  • Thanks Jean-Jeannie, will try to and very best of luck with the training!

  • Optimism is the name of the game! Think happy thoughts Sedw!

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