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Week 7 - anyone else feeling really exhausted?

I did week 7 run 1 on Monday and although I finished it, it was really tiring. The first ten minutes were difficult to get through - as usual - and then I managed to plod through to the end of the 25 minutes. To matters worse it was an evening run, which I normally avoid, and really warm at 26°. I already felt tired before the run and I'd hoped I'd recover enough yesterday to go out today. No way! My legs ache, my pulse is under 60 per minute and I feel a bit dizzy and light-headed.

Is anyone else feeling extraordinarily tired at this stage? Should I have yet another day or two's rest? Would I have developed such a low pulse already? I usually have low blood pressure so I'd prefer it not to go down anymore either. I'm not that fit surely after 33 years of no sport and then 6 weeks of the programme. Any suggestions?

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Could you be anaemic? Apparently runners (especially ladies) can suffer from iron deficiency so maybe ask your GP for a blood test? I suffer from anaemia and low blood pressure too and I get very tired and light headed if I don't take iron supplements. If that's not it, then maybe you just got a bit hot and bothered! This weather definitely doesn't help. I hope you feel better soon :)


I would recommend that you listen to your body so if you are feeling exhausted I think that you should take and extra day or 2 (or more if required) of rest. It's not a race to complete the programme we all do it at our own pace....better to take a rest day and be able to carry on than injure yourself.


I felt really exhausted today ; a mere 24degrees and a 30 minute run to complete. I was supposed to be going fast and I did my slowest time ever. I felt dizzy and tired. My legs were heavy. And I've been running for more than 18 months.

The heat is a huge factor. Try again in the coolest conditions and you will be fine :)


I felt really exhausted at around about this stage.... the longer runs do take it out of you.... I just took an extra day off between runs through week 7 and 8 and by the time I got to week 9 i seemed to have come through it....


Thank you all for your words of wisdom and comfort! I managed to have a really good afternoon nap yesterday and a good night's sleep, and I feel so much better today. I've also stocked up on carbohydrates and water and had an extra day off. To top it all I went and finally bought a pair of proper running shoes - gait analysis and all. I'm raring to go out this evening when it will hopefully be a "mere" 22° and raining! Will think of you all as I go through 25 minutes. Thanks again!


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