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Trochanteric bursitis - has anyone else had this ? Also, compression shorts ?

I've had hip pain on and off for weeks now. I've been managing my runs ok, especially if I avoid pavements and hard surfaces, but then hobbling around the next day. At first I thought perhaps I'd trapped a nerve as I would sometime get a shooting pain all down my leg but then other times the pain was just in my hip. After having to abort a planned long run on Saturday, yesterday I decided the only thing to do was splash out some cash I didn't really have and go and see a sports physio. It was £30 well spent - I've got a diagnosis and an exercise plan. She said I should try running just a mile and slowly build up from there but I'm probably going to stick to the exercise plan and some cross training for a week before running again - other half thinks I would be insane to try running again yet.

I'm still determined to take on the BUPA Birmingham half on 21 October, even if I have to run a minute, walk a minute the whole way round. I can hopefully keep some fitness by using the cross trainer as it is the impact of running that hurts, rather than the motion (I plan to try the speed and stamina podcasts on the cross trainer in the hope that I'll actually improve my fitness!). I wondered if anyone else has any experience of this condition and, if so, how long did you take to recover ?

Also, has anyone tried wearing compression shorts ? I've read they can help with this condition and was contemplating getting some to wear while doing the half-marathon for a bit of extra support.

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