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Only one week left now!

Day 51 // week 8, run 3

I had the possibility to go out when it was still light, so I decided to do a route through the woods. In total the loop would be about 5k. It was my last run with 28 minutes today and I managed 3,9 km. After about ? I had a few meteres of walking because the heat was getting to me. But I picked it up at the "5 minutes left" mark and made up for the walking by running a bit into the warm-down walk. This run it was up and down hills and uneven roads and it wasn't fun! But it wasn't as hard as I expected it to be either!

I love that I'm not phased the slightest by the prospect of running for, let's say 10 minutes. half a year ago I wouldn't have made 3 minutes!

Also I'm loosing weight like crazy at the moment. I don't know what it is if not the running. I haven't really changed my eating habits a lot. It has to be the running. My body is looking good! Haha! Another "Thank you" is on order I think. And now on to the final week (and then I'll reward myself for finally finishing with a 2 week holiday.).

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well done on your achievement to date.Well done on the weight loss too. I havent lost much weight but my shape has definetly changed.keep it up and good luck with your final week


You're nearly there - great! Fantastic that you're losing weight as well, what a bonus! Enjoy your last week :)


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