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hi all

Just joined a gym recently which has a pool as well as all the normal stuff,,,treadmills weights etc

I found running on the treadmill soooo boring so decided to get in the pool and swim...im not the best swimmer by any means but have found that a steady 30 min swin 3/4 times a week does wonders for your stomach and back muscles!! This in turn helps the legs and Ive found improves your running style


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  • Swimming is apparently one of the best cross training exercise runners can do but if you have dodgy knees then avoid the breaststroke.

    And I do think that male swimmers have some of the best shaped bodies in sport, but that's just me! ๐Ÿ˜œ

  • hi

    yes unfortunately i do a very bad head up breastroke but so far knees have been ok!!


  • Do you think so?

    I find swimmers pretty oddly shaped compared to my perfectly round figure... :D

  • Swimming is brilliant. Good for you! Good for your whole body.

  • I've been doing the same thing. I like structure like the C25k podcasts so I've been doing swimfit which gives a good amount of variation and challenge whilst also improving my stamina.


  • XFNutty- how do you remember your workout ? There is no way I could remember the session and how many lengths of each I have done ....is it just a case of paper in a poly pocket job or do you have a suggestion ?

  • Backstroke is brilliant for your back. I swim and run. Swimming is low impact yet uses a lot of muscles

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