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Back in the game .... at Week 1 again!

Took a couple of weeks to rest dodgy right leg - well, as much as I could with a toddler and a job at the top of a very steep hill!

My leg is feeling much better, but I decided to start from scratch and build up to where I had got to before (the lofty heights of W2R1!!)

Two sessions in and the pain is much slighter. I have invested in a foam roller (the Grid, with all the massage points). Between some good stratches, massage using the roller, then a banana and a hot shower, the calf cramps really ease.

One more rerun to do in Week 1, then back to the 90 second bursts of Week 2. Yippeee!!

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Well done for getting back to C25k. That shows real determination. Fingers crossed for your fitness!


Thanks very much for that! I was starting to enjoy it, so I really want to get going properly again.


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