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Haven't posted for a few days due to start of new school year ... and one of my biggest worries. Starting the programme in the last couple of weeks of the holidays meant that I could get started at my leisure in many respects. This week I had to start managing the time properly so I could fit in the running with the day job!! Tuesday was actually easier than I had expected. I really wondered about the 3 minute runs but I managed ok. Today was another story. I felt stiffer in my legs and ankles and the second 3 minutes was almost too much for me. But I did it!! The Week 3 total time is shorter but Laura is making me work harder for the success of getting through it. I am sure that Sunday will be better again. I'm still using Endomondo to track time, distance, speed and pace. Things are improving slowly but they are going in the right direction.

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You're doing really well, Janda! Work does get in the way, doesn't it! :-). Week 3 for me next week. It sounds tougher. Like you, it's making sure that I prioritise the programme as there is always another call on your time. Good luck over the weekend. :-)


I'm glad to hear it's going well Janda and you're able to make the time work for you. I've just finished my last run of W3 today and whilst I was fearful of it to start with it's turned out rather well.

Good luck with your run on Sunday, let us know how it went.


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