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I was absolutely dreading week 3 but surprisingly did not find it as tough as week 1 run 2 !

I wondered if you lovely people could advise me, I know Laura says we should have a rest day in between runs but sometimes it isn't possible, this weekend for example I was away in London with the girls and taking my trainers to pound the streets of Greenwich was not on the agenda so I had two days off. I feel like I could run again tonight which would mean running two nights in a row. If I feel like I could run is it ok to run two or three consecutive days?

All advice appreciated xx

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It is not a good idea to run consecutive days; the rest days are incredibly important and give your body time to recover. You may feel okay but you risk injury if you run on consecutive days and do you really want to get an injury and not be able to run at all?

It is better to have more than one rest day between runs than have none at all. On rest days you an do other exercise such as walking; just not running.

Good Luck with your journey; follow the plan; it really does work X


Yes, I agree with Slinky. As the programme went on, I was needing two rest days between runs anyway before my leg muscles stopped aching so two rest days (or more) is probably a better idea. Your body actually works hard while you're resting to repair/grow the muscles (very unscientific, but I believe that lots happens in there) so it's not good to miss the rest days as it puts too much strain on your body, particularly as the runs as increasing and you're pushing yourself a bit more each week. Love your enthusiasm though! Rest days can be frustrating but you can always do other exercise like swimming, cycling, walking or doing the strength and flex podcasts.


Thanks Melly ! I didn't know about the strength and flex podcasts so I shall go and download now.


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I have managed to alternate C2K and Stretch and Flex (I usually have Tuesdays off) and it works for me.


Sensible :)


Nope..not really. Rest days are really important... this question has cropped up a lot over the last few days, and the answers are the same. especially at such an early stage in the programme.

As Slinkyminky says, lots of other exercise options if you wish to use them, on your rest days.. I moved 14 slabs yesterday , having dug out the ground for them.. I reckon that was my rest day exercise :)

Seriously though, swimming cycling, yoga strength and flex or walking?

Just follow the programme.. which makes reference to rest...I quote.

"Rest days are critical. A rest day in between each run will reduce your chance of injury and also make you a stronger, better runner.

Resting allows your joints to recover from what is a high-impact exercise and your running muscles to repair and strengthen.


It is so tempting to think, I feel great and it is a lovely day... but try to resist..the IC is not a pleasant place to be!


Rest days very important I asked the same question last week, felt fine after doing week 3 run 1 on Saturday so thought I would go again Sunday due to limited time in the week. This was a mistake because although I completed run 2 I struggled. I am now having some rest days and taking it slowly as these lovely people advised as rather complete programme safely than risk injuries. Best of luck.


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