janda does Run Hackney

Completed Run Hackney half marathon in a world record time of 1:47:42. Met some of my 'Beyond c25k' Facebook friends before the start but didn't manage to find them again after a trip to the loo and subsequent race! Placed 2721 out of a cast of thousands and 58th in M50 category. Very pleased with the run.

My Garmin watch was better than it was in North London but required a minor edit: showing a remarkably steady pace till the 19th km. Enormous fun and I met up with a colleague, her husband, sister, mum and a crowd of her friends afterwards. Thank goodness my wife kindly agreed to be the designated driver and made sure we got home safely.

Now what shall I do next? Ah, perhaps that St Albans Half Marathon on 14th June might suit me!

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  • Great stuff Janda! It was a great atmosphere today, don't you think? And what a field! All those people!

  • Hi Rob. I didn't realise they were allowing so many to take part. It was really excellent though with the sheer numbers and the crowds too.

  • Well done. Brilliant time :)

  • Super impressive, well done :) xx

  • Thanks pinkangel.

  • Well done :)

  • Thanks smiler.

  • Blimey, that's a brilliant time janda. Well done to you. It sounds like a great day, one for the memory bank.

    Ooh do the St. Albans one. I used to live there!

  • Well done, that is awesome! :-D

  • Well done janda! Excellent!!!!

  • Great ime Janda, well done!

  • Thanks.

  • Huge respect on your time, very very well done.

  • Respect to you too.

  • Really well done Janda. That's an amazing time - as a fellow M50er, I could never hope to match that.

  • Thanks Dunder2004. Set your sights on the the longer term and achieving eBay is right for you. We've all come such a long way.

  • Great job Janda, brilliant time!

  • Thanks og.

  • Woohoo!!!! Well done. What a fab time. You must so chuffed with that.

  • I am very chuffed with the time. Almost five minutes off the previous HM time. Thanks.

  • well done Janda! :)

  • Cheers aliboo.

  • well done!!! that is a great time - congrats. why not do another hm!!!its so hard to say no!!

  • Thank you. I am now setting my sights on St Albans half.

  • Well done Janda - fantastic time !

  • Well done, great time xx

  • Wow already looking to the next one that's some dedication. It really was a lovely atmosphere wasn't it. I walked to Westfield and had a massive burger before tubing home. It was so needed. 1:47:42 that is such a great time, definelty something to be really proud of well done.

  • Thanks. I am very keen, I know. Glad you enjoyed it too.

  • Hi Remember me? Well done! I only do 3 x 5K runs each week, this has encouraged me to go forward!

  • Hi Delia. Glad to hear you are still running. It's such a great thing and I am so grateful for C25k in making it possible for me.

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