Blaming the dog

I run with my dog. To start with she kept tugging and I blamed her for my lack of rhythm, then she wanted to sniff but appreciated her stopping as it gave me an unscheduled rest moment (not cheating I told myself as she needed to sniff and might even need a longer stop)!

These "sniff stops" regularly happen around 15 minutes into my run and have become a bit of a habit which facilitate a rest for me which I appreciated during the run, and curse myself for after the run. I couldn't seem to get past this point without a quick break so was very grateful for her need.

I'm not sure it came from, but I read somewhere to remember where I stopped and next time be determined to run just a bit further, then further and further again. Well I woke up determined that I would heed this advise and got to the sniff point and just kept running and so did she with just a little encouragement. I resolved to get to the next pathway and found as I continued I had settled into my normal pace without stopping and she was happily running with me. Next thing I know Laura was telling me only 5 minutes left!

guess what.... week 7:2 completed without cheating. Now that feels good.


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10 Replies

  • Wow thats great. I Hope you let her have an extra long sniff after your warm down.🐕 It doesn't seem to have affected your stamina anyway as you are now doing 25 mins. Another good thing is she is never likely to say 'no I don't fancy it, it's a bit cold'.

    Keep on running both of you. :)

  • You're right, she never says no but I haven't run in the rain yet. We stick to normal walks on rainy days. Roll on summer when I can run over the hills with her off the lead.

  • Best to leave the dog at home for now and concentrate properly on doing c25k. It can be hard enough doing the programme let alone having a dog to control..

  • I guess that would be sensible, but then I would need to walk her either before or after the run so would need to get out of bed at some unheard of hour in the morning.

  • Yes, dogs need walking! C25k needs a bit of dedication & discipline, a lot of us get up in the early hours..

  • I have been running with our little terrier, but having got him as far as week 4 have started leaving him at home, as he seems very unhappy running at my (incredibly slow) pace for more than 3 minutes. I know what you mean about it being both frustrating and helpful when doggie stops are needed ;)

    Our previous dog, an alsation/collie cross was great - he'd lope along next to me gently without bothering at all! I'm now hoping that one the (medium sized) pup is old enough, she'll be a good running companion. It seems likely, since her happy walking pace is my jog, but time will tell...

  • Don't they make it look easy just walking while we are struggling to put one foot in front of the other and breath at the same time.

  • Yeay...or woof, woof!

    Must be very tricky, but you seem to have got some strategies going there...hopefully they will work out... if it all works out properly, your little dog will need a badge too!


  • On my early morning runs I often see an extremely thin, extremely fit young lady loping easily over the common with her Jack Russell tied to her belt (on the lead of course!). I feel sorry for the little guy, any attempt to stop and sniff is just thwarted as she doesn't stop. And she's fast! I hope she lets him off at the end of the run. But I never get to see this because she always hurtles past me and is out of sight 5 k ahead by the time I've gone 100 metres! God I admire her😊

  • Oh I can't claim to be her, extremely thin and fit doesn't describe me yet...maybe one day.

    I know what it's like to watch someone disappear into the distance at inhumane speeds but there's probably someone looking at you thinking wishing they could keep up.

    Rest assured Lucy gets to sniff and do her business before I start the warm up and then gets an off-lead walk at lunchtime and again in the evening. I think she enjoys the run as her tail doesn't stop wagging, one day I might even be as fit as the dog. I live in hope....

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