"George dog assisted" end to run!

"George dog assisted" end to run!

These past 2 weeks, i've been suffering from what i have christened "SLOE" syndrome, (Severe-Lack-Of-Enthusiasm!) what with a change of job and routine(working most of the weekend nowadays) , i've been feeling a bit stressed, in between feeling lazy and a bit out of sorts in general, and a bit of niggly tickly throat etc :( Plus feeling distinctly pudgier than previously as have been over-indulging on the treat front :( Outwardly you probably couldn't tell, but my psoriasis had flared a bit, feel washed out and my motivation has retreated somewhat (although not 100%, just less than before!) But its alot more than i was doing this time last year i guess!

I HAD been going out 3 times a week, the last 2 weeks i've missed running club on a Tuesday, but doing Parkrun and a thursday run, and the rain has been depressing me too. But i knew last night i really should go out, planned for Boz to come with me and a seafront run, but he said the spray was washing over the road on his way home and so that probably wasn't the best idea :( oh well still should go, but someone else was feeling a bit rubbish and opted to walk George instead! So just up to town and back for me, usually 3.3k. Rain was at bay, so set off with music (invented an extra tab of velcro quickly to stop my phone jumping out of gilet pocket like last week!) a rockmyrun"Fit to fight" mix which i thought was appropriate! Not feeling very athletic but made it to the half way point, YAY! wind would be behind me now! :) the 2nd half always seems to pass much more quickly but i wasn't feeling very confident, what would boost me that i still really COULD still do this? I know! run a little longer and go up the footpath with that steepish slope and 100% make it to the top, that WOULD be a good effort! Past the end of my road, the hilly slope ahead, who should i spot, George dog and Boz! George spotted me and wagged happily, i ran up to Boz shouting"need to borrow the dog, must get to top of hill!" and grabbed the lead as i went past! George was a little suprised, "Wow this is a great game, and i ran and he played chase with the dangly bit of lead! Soon we were there, turned around and jogged slower back down, expecting to see Boz any moment! But he'd gone back home! so we ran back to the house to find him already installed on sofa! (i did have headphones in so probably didn't hear what he said!)

Anyway, my 3.3k had turned into a 4.09k, and i was sweating well so must have worked fairly hard! so this has restored my confidence a little that my running is still alive and well, just taking a little rest period at times!

Going to try to go along the cycle track after work tomorrow, as starting work at 9am so will miss Parkrun, but got an early finish.

And have booked another 10k, not til June next year, the Womens Running 10k series womensrunninguk.co.uk/event... i

in Southampton(as posted by another c25k-er last week- thankyou! , was £20 to enter and get shirt, medal and goodie bag. Think will need to book something else that is nearer too, so i have something to aim for to keep me motivated!

Posted a lovely pick of George taken in August to remind us that Summer WILL come back eventually(got winter weather blues!) Saying that, the sun has just come out here, and Friday is my new official day-off-cos-i'm-working-all-weekend day! So after my lazy start and big breakfast, its shower and walk time, and possibly swimming this pm(for 2nd time in years!) Going to reinstate my "One-Card" at leisure centre, not the gym option as to expensive :( but the swimming /sauna /badminton /aquafit option!

Still got errands to do and a commission for some restaurant table numbers to finish! but for a few hours at least i can do as i please! Happy running weekend everyone and keep on going! :)


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21 Replies

  • Sorry to hear about SLOE. You've got various different factors contributing to it by the sounds of things. I hit a big down last week. It has been said many a time, but there really is nothing like giving yourself a lot of tlc, which you seem to be doing. It sounds like you have good company to go along with you in George, and he is a pretty handsome lad. There's a home made cheering squad all rolled up into one little bundle of fun :-)

  • aah, yes he is a handsome boy! :) He enjoyed his little run along! :)

    I thought i'd been coping ok with life in general, but the skin flare up is always an indicator to me! I am prone to depression but have been off my tabs since April this year, which makes me pleased that i can do it (started c25k on 2nd Jan) . But i must remember i ran a 10k race in Oct, which is pretty cool and i must keep on going as i was full of motivation at that time! :)

    Just read your post from last week(sorry i must have missed that one, hope you are feeling more positive this week)- you have a really full on time and your schedule of 5 runs a week must be exhausting! Hope you are treating yourself to TLC too? Thanks for your reply and sending you a big :)

  • Thank you, and one for you too :-D I have family members who suffer from depression, and while I know everyone is different, just remember your achievements, like your 10k run. How cool is that :-)

    I've seen from my own experience these last few weeks, how easy it is to get caught up and stressed, and TLC really does work. I do feel a lot calmer now.

  • thanks Tanyag! :) yes i'm really proud of my 10k, it was a really good day! just had a blustery walk on the seafront and dinner ready for a relaxing evening. My mum has not been that good this week(she is in nursing care) so i think that added to me feeling unsettled. I'm not particularly down just a bit out of sorts, but the sunshine today was lovely! glad you're feeling better :)

  • Georgedog is sooooooo cute. What a teamie to just jump in and support his mum without warning and no team orders. Hope you were able to bag a space on the sofa afterwards!

  • thanks Slookie! Hes a little bit of a feisty typical jack russell, only had him 9 months he came from a good home (his 2nd one) but his 1st home gave him more than a few complexes but he is getting better behaved by the month in lots of ways! think i did take him by surprise but he appeared just in time! :) Bone of contention in our house is that i would like a bigger sofa as we only have a 2 seater but just enough room for the 3 of us! this is us... if the link works...?


  • :D :D Love it. Must have been sketched from life here cos we have similar sofa issues with a terrierist + 1 lurcher (both 'rehomed'). Well done for letting George own you he looks like a little supastar.

  • terrierist! i like it ! :)

  • She's well 'ard and comes with the usual size is irrelevant thing. Think terrierists have more gumption than anyone/anything I can think of and, as MissW says, just about inexhaustible. Which is sometimes exhausting :D

  • George got his toy out and presented it to me, 5 mins after our end of run, even though he was still panting! hes not too bad though, and likes his nap time too! :) they definitely have the well 'ard attitude! :X

  • JR's need tons of exercise to keep them tired so they're not naughty. A good JR is one that's asleep! They are always UP though, which should help you when you're feeling down, as they always want to run/walk/play/chase so you have to get out there with them.

    My mum had psoriasis and hers would always flare up if she ate too much in the way of bought biscuits and cakes. I think it's the fat and sugar. Once she cut back on them she'd be fine again. You think it's stress, but it could be the stress that's causing you to reach for those sorts of foods, and it's the excess fat and sugar causing the outbreak of symptoms. I'm not a doctor though obviously! LOL

    I've got two 10 k races booked Ali, so you're not on your own. I'm turning out in all weathers to train. Going out in a minute and it's still wazzing it down. Grrr. I had my hair done yesterday too. Boo!

    George is a lovely boy and he's lucky to have a kind, caring owner like you. I wish I still had my little un to cosy up with on the sofa. He was a prize g*t! I loved him to bits though and miss him like crazy

  • yes i've not been very good on the fat and sugar lately, and too much bread too. When i was following slimming world i was pretty desciplined, i've only just stopped going once a month, maybe i should go back again! My psorasis is on my scalp, so not many people know about it, but i find it so annoying as i would dearly love it to go but no thats unlikely, sometimes its much better but not at the mo :(

    Well done on your all weather training, my thurs before last was wet and windy, and parkrun too, so i suppose i'm not doing SO bad, quite looking forward to my cycle-track challenge tomorrow, will see how far i get before its too dark, and phone for a lift part way, i have 3pm finish so should get an hr or so! And i've never ran it before so should be interesting! this site illustrates it well!


    Just back in from George dog walk, hes a funny little soul! Now sunbathing in the window, with 1 eye on dog patrol for passing people/postman! Its very sad to lose a dog that was your best pal, i understand that very well. Had a very vivid dream last night that my old dog "Ruffdog" ran off on a sponsored walk and i thought he had drowned, then got call from police once i had returned to Island saying he had been found in Northampton( i don't even know where that is!) and i had 1 hr only to collect him :( And it was when he was frail and ill with cancer, what a weird dream not sure where that came from! was glad to wake up as it was stressful!

    Hope your run has gone well today, of course it will you're a very determined lady! I like the 10k distance, that still seems far to me at the moment :)

  • Oh he's adorable! I bet if you're feeling down a cuddle from him works brilliantly! Sorry to hear your mojo deserted you momentarily ... we all go through that from time to time ... x

  • i think talking about it as made me feel better! bit more fired up now i think, but it comes and goes! yes hes a cute boy! :) the beach is a Littlestairs, Shanklin , love it there for doggy walking!

  • I have psoriasis on the scalp too. I use Alphosyl shampoo and find that really works for me

    I also practise mindfulness and have for that since starting this.my psoriasis has virtually dissapeared.

    I take my Westie.on most of my runs with.me but.mostly cos I'm lazy and don't want to go out twice

  • Haven't tried Alphosyl for years, been through most products but might give it a go again. Thanks for the tip! Was using a website called "headspace" when i wasn't so good, similar to mindfullness, might try that again as it was very calming.

    Just off out for doggy walk to enjoy last bit of sunshine :)

  • Hey Ali, sounds like you have got a lot going on, and its all a bit stressful at the moment, although you can always rely on your boy George to raise a smile cant you ? :-)

    My pugs bring me so much joy , they can be right little sods at times, but I wouldn't swap them for a gold brick :-)

    Oh look at George, he is a very handsome chap, I bet he absolutely loves it on the beach .

    Take care Ali, take time out for you xxx

  • Thanks Poppy! Came across that photo this morning, had forgotten that i had it, it was such a pretty sky that day, and hes looking very ernest! yes he LOVES the beach! :) Dreamt of my old dog last night which was a bit stressful until i realised it wasn't real, he was in trouble and i was sad! :(

    I'm not so bad, just a bit strange adjusting to new routine and the rubbish weather ! i always give myself too much to do and get mad when i don't achieve it!

    Anyway had a relaxing morning doing not too much at all! :)

  • Oh , I read your post about your dream, that must have been so , so sad for you. Yes , things are a bit mad for you at the moment, hope it all settles down soon for you Ali xxx

  • Thanks Poppy, i'm sure hes fine up there at rainbow bridge, he was a fab dog :)

  • Stress won't help your psoriasis so try and shelve some things to give yourself more time. More time for yourself, the dog and running. Easy to say I know but something has to give

    In winter I get really sore on my forehead and the top of my eyebrows so I always wear a hat low down. It's a great look. Not!!

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