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Wk4 Run 1. Enjoyed it!!!!!

I did my first Week 4 run last night, the day after a family wedding. It didn't start well with the first 3 min run a real struggle. Probably all the alcohol toxins starting to ooze out!

However as I got into the sequence of runs and walks it got easier and by the time I was into the last 5 min run I was actually enjoying it. I've read other bloggers talk about getting into their stride and didn't really believe them but I can see what they were talking about now. I was a bit disappointed when the 5 mins was over so that must be a good sign.

I'm actually looking forward to the 2nd run tomorrow and plan to get up early and run before work so watch this space!!

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Hi, I just did the same run tonight and felt exactly the same! I dragged myself through the first 5 mins, but by the time the second 5 minutes came round my legs had woken up and were willing to put on a performance that (slightly) more closely resembled running!


I've just finished my second run this morning. I was wide awake so got up at 0630 (an hour before I planned to) and set off. It is a beautiful autumnal morning here and I can now see why running is such an addictive pastime. I took a slightly different route which has long slow uphill sections in it which I was not really aware of when driving along the same route.

Once I had got rid of the sleepy feeling after a couple of minutes I have to admit I really enjoyed the run and am now sitting at home ready for work (an hour early) drinking a hot coffee and enjoying that slightly weary but alert feeling you get once you have got your breath back and showered.

Starting to think about week 5 already!


Great stuff, reluctanthusband! Can't wait for week 5 either!


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