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One happy bunny ... stamina podcast and 5k milestone all in one go

In a bizarre role reversal I went for a run this morning and left my husband snoring in bed. I'd completed the stepping stones podcast twice (very do-able for recent graduates) and the speed podcast (tough near the end but well within graduate capability) but I was still hell bent on reaching 5k. So decided to try the stamina podcast as I figured that the extra five minutes would help me.

I'd already calculated a 5k route so if I did fall short then I could judge how much more I needed to go. So I set off and the first 30 minutes (ha, who'd thought that was something I could achieve a few months ago) were absolutely fine. I knew I was pushing myself though. And then came the last five minutes ... I did the first 30 seconds or so and thought this is way too fast so slowed off a little as my main aim was to make the 5k.

Well, about 30 seconds later I realised that I had automatically started running to the beat again! My five minutes came to an end but I could see the 5k marker (set of traffic lights :) ) and did not want to stop short there (I fear I may have given away the ending to this tale in my blog title!). So about two minutes later I did it, my first ever running-all-the-way 5k. Yay to the 5k!!

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Well done !



I don't know about you, but I felt at a bit of a loose end after graduating and felt I needed another goal, so I rather rashly decided to go for 10k! I have to say it has been surprisingly easy, I'm doing the sami podcasts whcih is only a 5 week course and I've ready covered 10k in training runs 3 times last week (albiet not a continuous 10k run, but I'm expecting to do that next week. The key for me is only running when it is cool/cold I'm no good running in the heat so I tend to set off about 6:10 in the mornings and get back about 7:20 (when I would previously have been getting out of bed.

Good running :-)


Well done, it's a great feeling isn't it..I remember the day I nailed my first you are still smiling!


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