W9R2 - and another 5K in the bag. One run to go!!!!

Not as many gremlins today and another sub 30 5K. This one was 10 seconds slower than Thursday's (28:40) but it's still a 5K right? My pace feels quite natural now and I'm not really thinking about it. I guess I just built the stamina needed to sustain it. I was just tempted to walk once I hit the 5k but slowed down to a barely perceptible jog over the final minute to get the job done.

What's really great is that for the first time, my calves feel absolutely fine, my back is fine, my left foot is fine. I appear to be *touches wood* completely injury free. I'm very tempted to go for my graduation run tomorrow just to box it off before the week starts. Plus my partner is going abroad to work for a month on Monday and I would like to finish the programme with someone to celebrate with!


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23 Replies

  • Fantastic stuff Fraz. You have really cracked it and got the things you need under your belt. It's brilliant and it's definitely a 5k. Funny you say you slowed down after tracking the 5k. It really is so tempting, isn't it. Have you got Laura telling you you've only got 60 seconds left still? That either motivates me to do as she says and try to put a bit more into the last bit or it exasperates me and gets me asking her if she really knows how it feels, etc. Good luck whenever you decide to finish. My plan is tomorrow morning for the graduation run. Hope yours goes well.

  • Today I really was in my own little world so I barely heard her, but on Thursday I actually swore at her!! There is NO way I can keep that pace up once I've hit the 5K. It's as though my body goes into off mode and that's that. I know if I'm going to run for longer I will need to slow down, but that can wait until after graduation. R3 goal is to try and maintain the pace for the full 30 minutes and actually have something in the tank when Laura asks for it. If I do 5K fine; if it's slower and I don't hit 5K that's fine too. I've already proved to myself that I can do it :)

  • You'd better get the bottle in the fridge then - double celebration, finishing the programme, plus 5K, in 30 mins - no, it'll be a triple celebration, well done you!

    I'm celebrating too - my Garmin has (eventually) arrived and I've discovered that what I'd thought by measuring on geodistance was only just 5K is actually a bit over 5.5K :-)

    Let us know when to toast you - even if you decide to wait till Monday we're all here to celebrate with, you wouldn't be quite alone :-D

  • The bottle - and the chocolate gold medal are in the fridge waiting for me ;) Hence waiting to get it done tomorrow so I can actually enjoy my day. Drinking champers on a work night is NOT a good idea - especially alone :/

  • Really well done, Fraz! I think I'd be very tempted to go out and get it done tomorrow especially with the champers on ice! You don't have to go all out, you could just do your 30 mins at a comfortable pace and set yourself up for some 5k+ workouts for next week. Enjoy, whatever you decide to do!

  • Thanks oona. I'm almost certain I'm going to give it a crack tomorrow but as you say, make it a nice easy slow pace so I don't risk failing at the last hurdle.

  • Woohoo, only one to go :)

  • I know, I can hardly believe it. I really never thought I would make it this far. Just goes to show what a great programme and a bit of willpower can do!!

  • Well done Fraz thats brilliant and I too would be really tempted to finish tomorrow with your OH as that would be a lovely celebration to share! Just take it at a gentle pace.

    I love the idea if the gold chocolate medal - think I will do that for my graduation next week; the champers is going in the fridge tomorrow!!

    Good luck for the final run!

  • Thanks SBG356. If I make it, I'll post a pic.....then eat the medal!

  • Well done Fraz it sounds like you had a great run :-)

    Good luck with your grad run, whenever you decide to do it

  • Thanks Clare7645. :)

  • Excellent work Fraz. I'm reinvigorating myself this week so I'll be a week behind you if you decide to go for it tomorrow. Good luck with the run if you do.

  • Chewy thanks for the comments and all your support throughout this amazing journey we're all on. I look forward to hearing about your progress and grad runs. Keep going for it!!

  • Fraz, it's great you have your mojo back this week as you've done so well throughout this programme. I would also be tempted to do the last run tomorrow as you should be able to celebrate the results and hard work with your partner. Go for it! Looking out for your grad blog! :)

  • Thanks Rollertoaster and I hope I can make it through 30 minutes in the morning!

  • Good luck, but take it easy as it should be your rest day after all - fingers crossed for you!

  • Fab run Fraz! I'd be itching to do the run tomorrow too, but as others have said, if you don't go all out, you've achieved all the goals of finishing already, so tomorrow can be more of a victory lap should you so wish.

    Looking forward to your graduation blog and the pic of the chocolate medal!

  • Thank you and you're right it doesn't matter at all. What matters is that I get to finish and celebrate with the person that matters most for me, even if that means I just hobble round!

  • Well done fraz! I agree with all the other comments, just do it!! It's in the bag but keep the pace steady you don't want to risk injury at this stage of the game. Looking forward to seeing the graduation pic. Love the idea of the chocolate medal too. Enjoy it.

  • I've got distance envy; on my W9R1yesterday I covered 3.65k. I tried to lengthen my stride at one point and realised that I wouldn't be able to sustain the added pace that came with it.

  • Delores, I was a bit depressed too, when I saw the distance Fraz is doing easily (with injuries lurking in the background too!). Don't worry about it, we will get there too, I had my slowest 30 minute run today, scraping 4k. We are almost there for C25K, then we can start on the speed podcasts ;-)

  • Well done Fraz!

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