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Minutes and seconds and itunes

All going well I'll hit the first 25 minute run this week so I decided to make myself a playlist from my itunes library. Carefully chose 7 tracks which, according to itunes, came to exactly 25 minutes, and downloaded them onto my ipod. Something made me time them, and the actual time taken to play them all on my ipod was 29 minutes and 25 seconds...

Talk about a lucky escape... had one already last week when my ipod conked out just before the end of a run... I'll def be taking my watch or timing myself on my phone too from now on! :-)

Or maybe I should just stick to Laura!

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Great idea to make your own playlist and time it. The music isn't great on week 7 (sorry Laura!) it seems to get worse as the weeks go by!


Yes, it's such a pity, music can be a good distraction. I can't think why they don't put in a better selection of 'oldies but goodies'. There must be some with a suitable rhythm!


Laura's timing is a bit slack too if you're using a timer app at the same time - like - Laura's talkie bits are often extra time to that in the program.


Hadn't realized that! Tho I suppose it's usually walkie bits she's talking in... I've just got my 25 minute playlist sorted with one track less, anyway, so I'll have a listen to Laura at home to get any hints she gives, and use the music to run to.

The time goes quicker with your own music!


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