Couch to 5K

Stress melts away - and fastest mile!

Stressful week, not run since Sunday. Knew I needed to, both physically and mentally - needed that 'space' so I went out, promising nothing to myself. Thought I'd be lucky to run round the block...

So off I went, with my own music and iPod nano for company. I set it for a 30 minute run and I found it quite pleasant. I kept asking myself, you ok? Legs? Lungs? They said yes, so on I went. Ran for the 30 minutes, checked my iPod and had only run 4.5k so I carried on and when I was told that was another 5 minutes I checked again and I'd run 5k in 35 minutes. My iPod also told me I'd run my fastest mile - though didn't share which one that was or how fast.. Very secretive!

I've come down from just over 36 mins, then 35.5 and now 35 so very pleased... ! Would like to beat that when I run the Race for Life next weekend but we'll see!

Running definitely takes away a little of the stress of everyday life. You have to concentrate on what you're doing, or sing along to the music (inwardly!) and the stressful thoughts disappear. Glad I went out today.

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You enjoyed your run today Tada. Good! It's lovely when there's no pressure and you can run free and enjoy yourself. I think running takes away stress as you can just get lost in your thoughts, or merely write your mental shopping list. You could imagine yourself running your Race for Life Tada.


Yes, I have done that as motivation to keep going. I only hope I don't stop on the day for some reason! I definitely prefer running on my own so not sure how a busy race will be. Worried it might make me start off too fast and I run out of steam!


well done...and I would agree with you that it does help ease the stress as you are zoned into your music and running. Your times are great too..i am just about to do my 2nd run of wk9...I've finally found my running pace and breathing not the fastest..but slow and steady works for me..

have a fantastic wkend



I'm not aiming to be a sprinter...but seeing times decrease over the same distance gives me a sense of improvement. I have mixed feelings about comparing myself to others in the race for long as I'm not last!


Running is definitely a good antidote to stress. Sounds like a really enjoyable run - I'm sure you'll do fine with the R4L - it's that soon? Good luck with the race and my very best wishes to you.


Thanks, it definitely is. Haven't found any exercise in the past has had the same effect though maybe I didn't do it for long enough...

R4L is next Sunday. Will be my first so have no idea what it will be like!! If I run it like today I'll be happy!


Just go out there with the intention of enjoying it (I've been told the atmosphere at these events is tremendous) and take it as it comes. Cheers.


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