Big thank you

Big thank you

Hi to all you lovely people, many thanks for your great comments and support over the last nine weeks. And delialtaly I will be staying around hoping to do my post graduate on Tuesday morning, with my own music and hubby doing a Laura, who I forgot to thank, thank you laura. Tied up tomorrow with the granddaughter out shopping before school starts again. We are off on holiday in a week's time, hoping to build up to perhaps do a park run in October. :-) :-) The picture of Granddaughter doing charity run, I want to do it next year.

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  • Hey Pat! I'm so glad you're staying around and that you'll be there to hold my hand (and many other runners' hands) through to graduation and beyond. Have a great holiday and good luck for the park run in October!

  • Congratulations on graduating! Your blogs have been fantastic so I hope you will keep running and keep blogging! :-)

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