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Alzheimer’s Challenge - A Big Thank You and Happy New Year

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Hi fellow friends and runners,

Just a quick note to say thanks very much for all the support, - donations, goodwill, encouragement and inspiration I’ve found on here during the past year.

I’m delighted to say I’ve exceeded my sponsorship target of £2018 and am up to just shy of £2500, so my purpose for running the year, has been an amazing success.

I tried to upload my list of thank yous but the site won’t let me, so here goes for all the people who during the year have helped me through my challenge:-

TailChaser, Jayval70, IrishPrincess, Mimirossi,KimTerry, Slinkymalinki, Tbae, Helenwheels, MummyCav, Jeanie, FishyPieFace, Polly2810, Razouski, Ju-Ju, Slow Loris, SuzyKK, FunToRun, MrsT82, MrRun, PoppyPug, TartanCat, 0505K, Millsie-J, Decker, Anthie, IgaT, IrishJohn, UnfitNoMore,Antet, IannodaTruffe, AnnieMurph, Icklegui, MissWobble, JaySeeSkinny, Rolysmate, Damienair, Elfe5, HeadintheClouds, AlMorr, OldFloss, Rignold, SaskAllieCat, TJMazz, Cornet-Carolyn, Helene Corsa, Lardofale, ChrisAllen1, Ilminster09, RealFoodie Club, Gillma, SadieRuns, Victoria Runs, Beach Runner, Julie Mirko, Siobhp, TiredOldMan, Rebecca SK, NHS2015, HGV Dan, Langley-Loper, TheZiggy, SandyShoes, Whatsapp, Dexy5, Tasha 99,Henriette2013, Iagatachocolate, Gogojojo, ruralfrance, Vangus, Pancakes, Keep It Ticking, Susie Hicks, Fabulous450, LollyTwist, Steved110, Pm3eak, FlickM3, AncientRunner, Googleme, Nobbywatts, Roseabi, hblewett,Lmeviesgranny,Downtoo,Mistralbird,cameldoc1, MickGJ, ebcroquet,RuthL, BeccyM, C3P0, Oldlady61,Lallis, OldJigger, Faith94, BaddieThePirate, MutleyShuffle, AceitGirl, Catmo13, ButtercupKid, Molly1973,Mountaindreamer, Katnap,

If I’ve missed your name, I do apologise I have tried to find every single post, where someone has helped, mentioned or responded to me, and some folks who donated remained anonymous. So for those who did that, I thank you too.

I wish you all a very Happy and Peaceful New Year

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absolutly amazing Jancanrun , a true inspiration XX have a wonderful new year and happy 2019 runnings XXX

Jancanrun profile image
Jancanrun in reply to secksy34

And to you xxx

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Congratulations Jancanrun on achieving that almost £2,500 for your Alzheimer Research Challenge run, thanks for including my name on that list, all I can do now is wish you a happy running New Year for 2019 🏃🏃😊😊🎉🎉.

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Jancanrun in reply to AlMorr

Thanks Al and the same to you too. I am in Cornwall minus trainers at present but Friday the legs will be out for an airing...

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AlMorrGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

Roll on Friday, it was a honour on that list to see my name next to OldFloss 😊👍

Jancanrun profile image
Jancanrun in reply to AlMorr

Yes she is a running star that’s for sure

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Great job on exceeding your goal this year! Have you made any running plans for next year yet? A little less ambitious and a bit more footloose and fancy free or going all hard core again 🤔....time will tell....I'm sure after a nice little break your feet will be itching to hit the pavement again!

Reducing the kms a bit as the 2018km meant I was running whilst I was supposed to be with friends, so I guess maybe aiming for about 1500kms this year, so I can look into boxing - yes I know..;) - but first of all need to sort out a pesky frozen shoulder.

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SaskAlliecatGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

A great plan for 2019. Boxing will be a great crosstraining activity and maybe it will help with improving your range of motion? Best of luck in 2019 😊

And vice versa, thank you and happy new year to you too. Here's to 2019🥂

You're an absolute hero and an inspiration.

Happy running, dancing, boxing or whatever you decide is our next challenge...

and happy New Year. x

Sybilw profile image

Fantastic achievement. Well done

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