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W9 R1......did i really just say that!

I decided to pull my first week 9 run forward a day so i didn't have to face the cold & dark tomorrow morning and i'm so glad i did! I set off with the intention of just getting through the full 30 minutes as i knew id really pushed yesterday and set a new PB (yes i know... What about the rest day? But my legs felt fine so i figured i'd give it a go) I didn't run as quickly today but still quicker than my initial runs so im happy with that and even better my friend endomondo informed me that including my warm up walk and part of my cool down walk today i covered the full 5k in 38m06s. I know it's not exactly quick but who cares...... I did it.... A full 30 minute run and over 5k distance in total!!!

I can't believe i've got this far, i feel fantastic and just 2 more runs till i graduate ! I'm going with my cousin on Tuesday so i get a full day off tomorrow and a nice light run on Tuesday and then all being well my final run on Thursday! Then its off to Cornwall on Saturday for a well earned break (and hopefully a couple of nice runs) and to think about what next!

Thankyou again to everyone on here for your support & motivation and to everone still working on the programgood luck& well done so far just keep going and you can & will do this. Anyone still thinking about giving C25K a go...what are you waiting for! It works look at all the people on here are living proof (o: I know its hard to take that first step but it's so worth it. The feeling of acheivement is amazing and if you take it steady, dont worry about how fast you're going or what you look like you will get there

I'm off for a well earned shower and will hopefully be back later this week to tell you all i've graduated (o:

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Well done! Enjoy your graduation week runs - looking forward to reading your graduation blog...


Brilliant! You must feel so proud! Well done, and good luck for your last 2 runs. Nearly there.


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