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I beat my gremlin!

I missed running last night as I had a meeting at school so I was looking forward to getting out this evening.

When I got home to change, I sat on the bed for a second and looked at the posts on here. Found myself thinking I would give tonight a miss (where had that come from?). Finally put running posts away and got onto the business of running. As I started a gremlin sat on my shoulder and started whispering negative thoughts in my ear. It took massive effort to shut out the grumbling voice and keep going. About half way through the music took over in my ear (not Laura's). I found myself pushing onwards with a slow rhythm and suddenly got to the 5 minutes walking place. I had run for 35 minutes!

That showed the gremlin. It really is as much mental as physical isn't it.

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35 mins that's great! I have to change at work, know if I come home before the gym I'd never leave to go back out!


I usually change at work but was at a meeting today. Shows how important it is to get out before the comfort of home grabs hold!


Amazing well done!


isn't it a brilliant feeling when you beat the gremlins - on my runs it takes about 10 mins of niggley doubts and thoughts of all of the other things I should be doing or excuses for why I have to quit this particular run.

But do you know - they always get zapped as soon as I find my stride - and I always chuckle to myself thinking about them being those gremlins from the film in the 80's where one of them ends up in a blender and being splattered all over the walls..... evil little nasty thoughts.

But well done on the 35 mins - it wont be long before you're wearing your badge with pride too.

Happy Running


Thank you. 35 minutes of running is such an achievement for me. It isn't 5k yet but I don't care!


oh are they gremlins, i wondered what i was battling today. I must admit to twice walking for a few seconds because of them but i managed to get going pretty quickly again and kept telling myself i could do it!! I'm glad i'm not the only one who has them makes me feel a little better. I will now blend them away sharpish :)


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