On my wAy to 10k

On my wAy to 10k

Not posted for awhile . Seem to have been busy fitting everything in.

After weeks of putting off the 10k app I started it Monday it's the zen app she doesn't say much apart from 5minute walk warm up, run, walk , run ,warm down with 5min walk .

Day 2today planned a different route and off I went no gremlins this morning . It was 6.30 am and cool , my new route took me along tree lined roads . And beautiful houses up hills and down,across a motor way and underneath it . Through an underpass , then back into the town . My mind goes through a myriad of things along the way none to do with running , and I got into a good rhythm , my thought were interrupted by the American voice .walk. So I did but not for long just enough to have a break,then the voice Run so off I went feeling oh so good , then the hill I was going up, oh so slow but I was still going , almost to the top wishing I could hear her say walk but she didn't so I thought I'm gonna walk for a bit , got to the top which wasn't that far, then she said walk, I'm sure I said it out loud been there done that, but no one about to hear me anyway, and on I went got to the part where I should of turned left to make it 6k and thought I really don't want to stop so I didn't . My route change added another hill and carried on. the fit bit app goes at the same time as the zen 10k one so I can see my splits and map And it said 6k so I thought I'm going to keep going and on I went I had the voice say warm down , but I thought later , before I knew it I was almost at the 8k mark so on checking the app completed the8 then dutifully did my walking warm down. It felt fantastic, and I feel I'm on my way to completing the 10 by the end of the month . At the end of sept I'm running (hark at me running) a 10 k women only event at Windsor , so from fear and trepidation I feel I may be confident enough to do it, hope this is not too boring a post, but my friends think I'm mad at my age to start jogging ! Let alone enter events.


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  • am also working on that first 10k run πŸƒ hit 7.5 k 2 days ago felt like a week 5 moment I.e significant progress.

    well done you that is some wonderful work keep at it and let us know how the 10k goes

  • Well done. My family think I am mad jogging - say I'm far to old, but proved them wrong completing C25K, maybe one day I will make the full 5K don't think I will ever aim for 10K but sounds like you are really on track so well done, and good luck!!

  • Actually I think on a previous post earlier this year I wrote the same thing. I had no desire to do 10 as I was finding park run a bit of a trial at the time . But I had a shall I shan't I moment and went ahead and booked the 10 k it helped that it's at Windsor castle I have given myself 7 weeks to prepare .

  • Careful! When I was doing c25k I said I would never do 10k. I then did 10k saying I would never go further. I then did a half marathon and said never again (next one is in two weeks) and now I am wondering about either the full marathon or super sprint triathlon.....it's a slippery slope!

    Btw, pah to age. I am 53

  • Yes at the moment I'm sort of firmly at the point of thinking a marathon will be beyond me . Let me get to 10k first then I'll take a rain check . Good luck with the half in two weeks, I read somewhere if you think you can or you think you can't your probably right,

  • You must be super fit then as I'm same age and struggling still with 30 mins but I won't give up!

    Well done good luck with the half marathon πŸ˜„

  • Never too old to do anything :-D

  • You will smash that 10k at the end of September eve, if you are already hitting 8km. As for your friends, my guess is they are a little bit in awe and jealous!πŸ™‚ Good luck!

  • It's a lovely post and sounds like a lovely run.

  • Hi can I just ask as you go out so early for your run what do you eat if anything ? I don't go out quite as early as you but find eating a real problem,as if I eat then I deel sluggish but as my runs are getting longer I run out of steam if I don't have something.

  • I usually run after 7am but woke early and I just wanted to get up and run Monday's it's 10.30 after a yoga class . I usually have fruit if there's any left like a banana or orange or just a green tea if no fruit eat when I get back . Before park run I have toast with peanut butter and marmite don't get home till 10.30 . But usually I don't have anything apart from water or tea, bearing in mind this suits me . And I'm not suggesting anyone else should do it, also I only started January this year so my knowledge is only beginner . When I did an evening run I ate light through the day and nothing apart from water before the run ,

    Then a meal out with the other runners .

  • 8k with hills! Fantastic!

  • Thank you that helps. I know there's lots of info out there on what you should eat I just wondered what real people do actually eat.

    Good luck with the 10k, looks like your well on track

  • What a fantastic post. Really made me smile. Well done you!

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