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Wk3 R1 - Buddhist Monk


just completed wk3r1, I heard a rumour about this 3 minute milarky and didn't like the sound of it, so I contemplated 3 mins for so long I thought I may turn into a Buddhist Monk and start humming instead or running.

So out I went and did it instead of sitting cross legged.

I didn't enjoy it, I've been including all sessions within long power walks and I think it's getting too much in one go, but at least I got a sense of achievement.

I got annoyed with Laura 1/2 through 1st 3 min run, she interrupts, great I thought time to slow down, but no, instead she tells me your half way there keep going. I'm now shouting "Shut up Laura what a stupid time to tell me"

I suppose we'll be bessy mates again on Monday, or not?

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She's done that to me a few times - and I was always sure she must be wrong, till I realised even the Garmin claimed I was only halfway there! It's a big conspiracy!


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