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Finally downloaded the new podcasts. Omg the speed! I feel exhausted just listening to them whilst I have a lazy morning ( running tomorrow). My pace is nowhere near this and I will be on my knees within 5 minutes. I know when I am super enthusiastic about a run and I go off to quick this happens. Not sure what to do now, might try the stepping stones one as it didn't seem quite as punishing.

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I've only tried stepping stones (twice) and can't keep up with that LOL, but I am a V-E-R-Y slow shuffler. I'm thinking speed might be better as its only half the time :D


Uh oh! I have downloaded them ready for when I finish (start week 9 tomorrow) but haven't let myself listen to them yet as I knew it'd probably scare me and put me off going....


Don't be put off trying Speed I love it and its not a long programme either, bite the bullet guys and girls and give it a try. Hey if I can do it you young things can too. ;) I found that if I used the intro to get warmed up first it was easier then and I was well into my stride when I had to step up to that faster gear. Good luck


I've tried all three of the c25k+ podcasts since graduating, and found them all useful and a great new challenge.

Don't be afraid to try speed, as Oldgirl says it's only 16mins of running, and if you really shorten your stride on the faster bits you should be able to keep up.

I've done it 3 times now, and am finding it slightly less tiring each time. I think it has helped with my speed as now the 150bpm(slower) section now feels like less than my normal pace.

I'm still not close to 5k in 30mins, only did about 4.8k in 35mins yesterday (Stamina podcast), but hopefully improving.


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