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i haven't posted for a while. I graduated a few weeks ago and have only recently downloaded the + podcasts (stamina,speed and stepping stone runs).

I can honestly say that they are brilliant. I am alternating them and still running 3 times/week. I do one interval session a week, which is the speed podcast (i'm still only a baby at this!!). I am loving it. I sort of felt a bit lost after graduating and running without a structure was not helping me progress. These 3 podcasts for after graduation are fantastic. Having Laura back is encouraging and the music tracks are so much better than the ones for C25K. I am really enjoying my running. I never would have thought that going from no exercise at all to running 3 times a week was possible. But it is....and it was all made possible by this site! So for anyone who has graduated and is feeling a bit 'lost' the C25K+ podcasts and rediscover your running mojo!! Good luck everyone


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  • Great stuff! And, and! You can keep using them! They are really good podcasts to keep going back to in your training, so keep them on your phone or mp3 player. If they come on randomly I run them. Wahay!

  • I think they're great!

  • Well done Pricey, glad you are enjoying yourself! I too am using these, having recently graduated, and they are good. I need something like this to keep me on track. : )

  • Thanks. Deffo need the structure

  • I've done stepping stones but not managed to complete Stamina one even though I gave it a good go. Still enjoyed it though. Gave my run a bit of a mix up and variety. I'll be trying the speed one next as my speed is not great at the moment. :-)

  • Hi Price74. I am 1 run away from graduation and trying to decide what to do next. I have heard about these 5K+ podcasts but cannot seem to find a full description of the runs, intervals etc on them anywhere. Do you know if there is a spreadsheet that lays it all out like there is for C25K?

  • Aaah i absolutely love the speed 1, managed it twice in a 9k run the other day, was about dead at the end but it made being in the gym a bit more interesting anyways!!!

  • I'm still 10 runs off graduation but this post is so positive and informative. I shall certainly try these podcasts when the time comes as, like you, I prefer something a bit more structured for my running. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes.

  • only one more week to go to complete C25K so this is great info. Will definitely give them a go. Thanks for posting.

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