An update on T-shirts and Couch to 5k+ podcasts

So, July promises to be an exciting month with the release of our new series of podcasts to help you run further and faster after Couch to 5k. Laura and others in the NHS Choices team are putting the final touches to the podcasts and the supporting content at the moment and we still intend to release them this month. We want to make sure they're out with plenty of the "summer" left. As soon as I know when they're going to be released, I'll be sure to let you know. We're releasing a separate 'Strength and flexibility' series of podcasts around the same time as well, so look out for those.

With the t-shirts, I'm waiting for designs to come back from the chap who did the Couch to 5k logo for us. I've asked for at least two designs and will post them in a blog and ask you to choose which you like best. I'll then send the winner to and they'll let me know how much the shirts will cost. Complete runner will make the shirts available via its site and you'll be able to complete the transaction online. At this stage I don't know if we'll be able to subsidise the cost in any way. I'll know more on that when we've got a costing from Completerunner. That's it for now. If you're out running today, have a good one & I hope you dodge the showers.

Best wishes



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27 Replies

  • Nice one John & the NHS Team :)

  • Thank you!! Wonderful news. Especially wonderful about the strength and flexibility stuff - lots of information out there but difficult to know what is safe and works!! Hoorah.

  • Thanks, sounds great! :)

  • Oh how exciting. There seems to be quite a few people waiting on the new podcasts and t-shirts. If only there was a 'like' option for this post :)

  • Woo hoo! I'm only on week 2 and was already concerned about how I'd continue after the c25k program. More Laura podcasts, fab!

  • That's great news, thanks John.

  • Cheers:)

  • Exciting! Can't wait for the new podcasts and the t-shirts!

  • Oooh ! That's great news :-)

  • Very excited about the strength and flexibility podcasts. I had only heard about the bridge to 10 K which seemed a bit ambitious for me at the moment. Can't wait for the Tshirts too! Well done all involved. :-)

  • Thanks for the update.. would love to get a shirt when they are available. I wanted to say that you do a great job keeping the junk off this site too... well done!

  • Superb, I can't pretend that I haven't been less motivated now I've graduated as I don't have a programme to work to. I knew I'd never do the bridge to 10k as my life does have enough time in it to do longer each session so a programme with the aim of upping my performance is the obvious choice. Can't wait for the new challenges. I need the structure to feel I'm aiming for something definite and achieving.

  • Can't wait for the new podcasts and the t shirts! Only on week four but I feel so confident that I will be able to run 5k at the end of the programme. It's great that you're going to do some strength and flexibility podcasts as well. This is a wonderful, supportive and friendly site. Xxx

  • Great timing JR21 I start week 9 today, and have for the last couple of weeks wondered what my next step (run) should be. I think you've solved my dilemma.. Bring on the T-shirts I can't wait to see them..

  • that's brilliant news, can't wait for the new podcasts and t-shirts :-)

  • Excellent news; really looking forward to the t-shirts. Did 10K in 58 mins this morning and got soaked to the skin. British summer? Concept not recognised!

  • Oooooh exciting! Was starting to worry what I will do after Laura [I'm week 7] so this is great news and defo want a t shirt too!

  • Nice one. I am looking forward to the "Strength and flexibility" podcasts too.

  • I wonder if this weather is the result of a collective C25K wish not to have it too hot to run?

    Good news on the t shirts and still better news that our patience will be rewarded with not just one but two sets of new podcasts.

  • I will def be wearing a tshirt when they come out!!


  • OOOH great news ! Will wear my t shirt to the gym ( and everywhere else ! ) to "spread the word".

    Also new podcasts....I think you are spoiling us ! :) :) :)

  • Excellent news, t-shirts and podcasts, very exciting. Thanks John and team :)

  • Fantastic!! More great podcasts to follow will keep me going after graduation day :)

  • Kudos to the C25K NHS team for the original C25K program, which I think is absolutely brilliant. I am eagerly anticipating the sequels!

  • Oooh! Exciting stuff. (It doesn't take much) Thanks :)

  • Any more news on when the new podcast will be available?

  • are the original podcasts being updated as well ... ?

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