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The 5k+ podcasts and 1st 5k!


Hey did anyone do those podcasts?

What were they like? Is there any particular order/plan of execution that you figured out?

Just finished the program last Friday and thinking really hard how to take it from here.

As always very grateful to all the replies!

On a side note- did my first Parkrun this morning. It was the best experience I have ever had the fortune to take part in. It made all of it totally worth it, each and every single C25K run I ever did and struggled through. If you’re thinking of doing a parkrun and are undecided, go for it. Some people walk it! I should do a separate post on just how awesome it is... ;)

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I love the ParkRun! Best things ever!

I haven’t done the podcasts as the music on the speed one was so annoying 😂 You could bridge to 10k with Ju-Ju-‘s plan over on the other forum. No app but the plan is in the pinned posts 👌🏽

MMlkGraduate in reply to Tasha99

Love you’re reply, thanks :)

I always like to hear suggestions, and loads of people have so far suggested to follow Ju-Ju-‘s plan!

Tasha99Graduate in reply to MMlk

You’re welcome

misswobbleGraduate in reply to MMlk

I love Stepping Stone podcasts. The music might be shite but that’s no reason not to do them. Nor is the fact that one of them has slow runs. Slow runs build legs 👍😃. There are plenty of fast sections, which peeps seem to overlook. I think they’re too hard so folks tend to diss them 😁. They are kick ass, especially Stamina. Do Stepping

Stones first, then Speed and save Stamina til last, as the final five minute section is like the pinnacle. 💪👍😃

I do them all the time as I left them on my playlist 🙂

MMlkGraduate in reply to misswobble

Nice, really helpful reply!

I’ll try them in that order.

misswobbleGraduate in reply to MMlk

When you get used to them you can run them randomly I love it when i hear the lovely Laura say, “hi and welcome to speed”. You know you’re in good hands 😃👍🏃‍♀️

OldflossAdministrator in reply to MMlk

Do that... misswobble was my guide for this... !

Her advice is really worth listening to !


We usually advice lots of consolidation after graduation.. different routes,,, and lots of 30 minutes...:)

Many folk do them way too soon after Graduation...and miss the whole point of them.

The podcasts are fun but challenging and intended to aid the discipline in our running... and help with Stamina and Speed... ( my favourites too ) :)

Many of the seasoned graduates use them still within shorter or longer runs.. ( me included.) so helpful when wanting to improve different areas of our running.

Than after that... Bridge to 10K and ju-ju- 's plan maybe:)

Just take it gently and let things evolve:)

MMlkGraduate in reply to Oldfloss


Atm thinking 3 weeks of consolidation then move on to 10K! :)


Hi. When I finished ct5k I did stepping stone but the music did nowt for me. I'm now back with Jo whiley on the week 9 runs. One more week then I'll be starting bridge to 10K. ☺️👍


it’s about the running, not the music! 💪

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