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What's a podcast? I want to do this, but I'd like to read the information available. Also, the question has been asked about being too overweight to run, but the person asking said they had previously done some running... my mum is 61 and has never ran, I know this would be great for her, can anyone identify a plan to get her up to walking for fitness first, she's npot overweight but her fitness has obv deteriorated with age...

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A podcast is digital file made available on the Internet for downloading to a portable media player, computer, etc. In this case it's a mp3 file that talks you through the 30 minutes of walk/run intervals in the Couch to 5K programme. If you have an mp3 player or a smart phone, you download the podcast from the page in the link below, upload it to your device and listen to the NHS coach, Laura talk your through the session as you're out and about.

See the info here:


When you go to the page above, you find the podcasts in the link in the green box on the right column "Couch to 5K Running Plan".


You can get the podcasts free in the itunes store too.

As for your mum, there are loads of people here around the same age who are living proof that the programme works. A lady of 73 finished the programme very successfully just recently. You can repeat the runs as often as you like before moving on to the next, so there's no pressure to 'keep up', and the programme is aimed at people who haven't exercised for decades so anyone can start at week 1 run 1.

Good luck to you both and let us know how you get on! :-)


Hi Tialarual Tell your mom just start off with a twenty minute walk each day for a couple off weeks , then start the programme take it very slowly and she will be fine. I am 73 and graduated in September I was reasonably fit, I have done two exercise classes a week for years but had no stamina, Its a great community with lots of support. Good luck Pat :-)


I don't think I would have attempted the programme if someone had told me I should, or even could! The motivation will need to come from your Mum but knowing about these tools can be very motivating.

If you or she would like to have a go at brisk walking first and don't mind spending a bit of money, Audiofuel do a nice "Walk in the Park" download (not a podcast) Although one of the things that brought me to C25K was finding sustained brisk walking difficult (and actually I still find it quite tough now and I am a C25K graduate and can run for an hour)


I agree with GoogleMe. No one should be telling their Mother that she could or even that she should be doing this programme.

My son forwarded the website to me so that I could work out how overweight I am, because he was worried. I saw the Couch to 5K and had a look. I decided for myself to take part. I did not tell the family, soi that I could surprise them (that was the goal I had in mind). I had great support from my friends and this blogsite, and so I started. The family came last weekend-I graduated on the Friday-and I thanked my son for sending the email. They asked how much weight I had lost-10lbs-and congratualted me with my weight loss and new running life. They were amazed! Had my son indicated that I should be doing this I doubt that I would.

Your Mother is a grown-up, so it is up to her whether she wants to get fit/lose weight/how she leads her life. Pass the email to her, but do not suggest that she does it! Let her explore the website. She may do as I did, or she may not-her choice.

Me-I'm so grateful that my son did pass the email to me and I told him so :-) My family are very proud of my achievements so far-my daughter was struck dumb, lol.


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