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Hard slog......... but making progress

Well getting back in the swing of things after my ankle injury. Went back to week 1 a week ago, Today just done week 4 which went okay. Would love ankle to be completely pain free, but its not.

I suppose I need to be patient, and let it heel without rushing it. One thing though, I forgot how cheesy the music was, but nice to here Laura's encouragement again.

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Did you have your ankle looked at by a doctor Burstcouch? I've gone and hurt mine, it's not swollen or anything and just hurts when I put any weight on it.

You must be relieved to be out again, I'm already feeling really down after only a week! Hope you become pain free very soon!


yes Gridlet I went to GP, who advised a month of Ibruprofen, then if not improved she would send me for an ultrasound.Its important tp take the antiflammatory 3 times a day though as I noticed the pain was worse nearer the time the tablet was due.

The monthof non running is just up now. So although I am no longer hobbling around when I walk , its not pain free when I run. Like you I had no swelling or pain and it hurt to weight bear but not when I touched it. I bought a sports bandage which really helped and am still using it now every day, not just for runs.

I empathise with your frustration, I felt like a caged animal not getting out to run, but I took long walks, although not the same, it mobilised me

. Please get it checked out Gridlet with your GP though just to be sure.


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