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Accomplished week last!

I started running at the start of the summer holidays thiking I might finish week 6 by the time I went back to school. Thngs haven't gone quite to poor old knees foumd the going tougher than I expected. However, I feel really good to have finished week four at last. I wasn't really looking forward to it but seemed to find my rhythm today and found myself less red and breathless at the end than in any of my previous runs Whether that was because I consciously tried to take it very steady I don't know.

I followed a similar route to my very first run, following the canal toe path into town. The ducks and moorhens were still dozing, standing on 1 leg and were totally non-plussed as I plodded past them. It was such a beautiful morning and I felt that same joy at being alive and seeing these wonderful things as I did on my first run. I'm nervous about the prospect of week 5 but want to keep going. I'm having to take two rest days between each run to give my knees a chance to recover, but will hopefully get there. I've really appreciated the support of this forum in keeping me focussed.

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I just finished week 4 also and I found some new aches and pains this week. I am also using the same approach, taking it slow and steady. Congrats on achieving week 4, I look forward to your week 5 update!


R3 of week 4 later today or tomorrow for me. Can't believe it either. Had problems with my knees too, in wk 2 and had to rest them for 10 days, no more problems, fingers crossed!

Week 5 looks daunting, but the blogs prove it can be done. I'm on holiday next week so will be running on the wet sand on the beach! Gonna be interesting!

Good luck everyone :)


You're doing better than me! It took me a month just to do week 4. I'm now on week 6 run 3 but its taken me 16 weeks to get here! Hope to finish before Christmas (my 50th Birthday). Its been a long slog so far

Keep up the good work and well done!


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