Help... Knee pain

I have just completed Week 3 which was okay but on the second and third run I have developed real pain in my left knee (or just below). I rested 4 days between second and third run but then after doing the last one, it really hurts!!! Tried the hot bath and ice methods but today it is really sore. I don't want to stop the plan and lose momentum. Any advice please???

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  • I've got a bit of knee pain myself at the moment. Best thing is rest up for a few days and see how it feels. I took a whole week off midway through C25K as I had pain around my hip flexors. Then I repeated a run and carried on with the rest of the plan.

    No point making it worse - you'll soon pick up momentum again and there is no requirement to finish it in 9 weeks.

  • Ouchy! Sore knees are horrible. All I can suggest is rest from running but I carried on with walking and also did some cycling and even swimming. That way you are keeping fit with low impact exercises. When I have rest days, I always do stretch and flex exercises and I find this is the biggest help to prevent sore knees. Hope you recover soon. Julie ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I'm planning on a core strengthening routine tomorrow morning instead of the usual 5k. Hopefully it will be part of the routine (along with 3 runs) from next week.

  • I ran today for a slow 5k and had planned a cycle ride tomorrow but my muscles seem sore, so rest day and then a run on Wednesday to see how it goes for now ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I had pain just below my right knee towards the inside of my leg after my first run on week 3. So I too, rested for 4 days before I did my second run. Although my knee was still aching slightly. I really struggled with that second run and was limping. So I decided to stop and rest my knee for a few days. It has taken 10 days off for it to calm down, at one point it got quite bad after walking a short distance to my local shop. It took me ages to walk very slowly home and couldn't lift my leg to get up my stairs after. Today I managed to walk to said shop with no pain so am gonna try starting week 3 again tonight, hopefully it'll be ok.

    So I suggest you rest it as you don't want the pain I had :(

  • I would not run until the pain has gone. Better safe than sorry, you can't mess about with your knees. Leave it a week maybe.

  • Hi Doodles

    Sorry to hear about your knee pain. I would rest it for a few days and keep up with the icing .

    If you put " knee pain " in the search box, it will bring up lots of posts regarding this. You might find something thats useful to you .

    Good Luck and I hope you feel better soon xxx

  • I had a similar injury last year. Seemed to be coming from the left lower knee joint. I had it diagnosed as being IT Band Syndrome. It definitely reduced the amount of running that I was able to do. I've been seeing a physio for about 6 months now and have been able to run shorter distances. My suggestion to you is to see a sports physio, not just a GP. Good luck, hope your not out for too long.

  • Hi,

    Sorry to hear about the poorly knee, I had same issue with left knee after week 2... Rested for a week and a half, bought a mueller knee strap on a recommendation from a lovely lady on here and started doing strength and flex podcasts on rest days. Just finished week 3 tonight and knee is just a little bit niggly after the runs, not during. Still doing elevation and ice after each run, and treadmill instead of outside for this week as a softer landing, but think it is just weak muscles adjusting and quite a common thing for new runners. I posted in a panic because I didn't want to stop the program, then found masses of posts and great advice re knees on here! Good luck, hope it gets better soon :)

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