Couch to 5K

I'm on Wk 9!

I've been taking it steady and repeated runs when I felt I needed it (did 2 weeks worth of Wk 7). Today I was intending to do another Wk8 run as I found the previous 2 runs quite hard going and today was a morning run (had breakfast first this time - found running on empty not good!) and I always say I'm not a morning person.

Well ... I was waiting for Laura to say 'that's 14 minutes - half way through' when she said 'that's 15 minutes' !!! My ipod had started on Wk 9 run without me noticing (it is quite an old ipod - my son's cast off!). So I thought I'd give it a good go. It was hard work but I kept telling myself it would be worth it and I managed it! I was pleased that Laura said to take it slow (last week she was saying I could up the pace half way through - up the pace?? Are you kidding???).

So here I am on Wk 9 - nearly there. And when I am running next and tempted to think 'can I do this?' I shall know that I can, because I have!

And to think a few months ago I found it hard doing those 1 minute runs ... :D

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Well done. Keep going now you're there. Just 2 more to go!! :)


it is a great feeling and only 2 runs to go :D well done


2 runs to go, nearly there. Good luck and listen to those positive thoughts


2 more runs and u graduate! Be mindful, however, of pushing ahead at the risk of injury. I had to take 2 weeks out which slowed me down. No need to rush.


Go on, you can do it! As you said yourself, look at how far you've come.

:) x


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